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COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 1 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User) (Includes full instructions on Home-Schooling and how to operate L2L + Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R744.93

COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 2 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User - as per OPTION 1, but EXCLUDES Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R291.24

Core Package for 3-5 yrs - Includes 26 books, 2 workbooks, and engine room with scheduling tool. Add COMPULSORY START UP KIT - OPTION 1 OR 2 if you are a 1st time Love2Learn user. Add CORE PACKAGE EXTRA WORKBOOKS for Siblings if applicable. ADD required Grade Discipline Studies subjects.

Price: R7,432.15

Core Package 3-5 yrs Extra Workbooks for Siblings (2 workbooks)

Price: R187.20