"Suitable for Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic, combined with Reflective " - Learning Styles


COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 1 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User) (Includes full instructions on Home-Schooling and how to operate L2L + Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R744.93

COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 2 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User - as per OPTION 1, but EXCLUDES Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R291.24

Core Package for 6-8 yrs - Includes 26 books, and engine room with scheduling tool. Add COMPULSORY START UP KIT - OPTION 1 OR 2 if you are a 1st time Love2Learn user. Add CORE PACKAGE 6-8 Yrs KIT if L2L timelines NOT purchased. Add CORE PACKAGE 6-8 YRS EXTRA WORKBOOKS for Siblings if applicable. ADD required Grade Discipline Studies subjects. ADD Literature Appreciation Guided Workbook per child.

Price: R9,263.21

Core Package 6-8 yrs Kit (If Love2Learn Timelines NOT purchased) - 1 set of timelines.

Price: R136.86

Core Package 6-8 yrs Extra Workbooks for Siblings

Price: R427.56

Literature Appreciation Guided Workbook for CPs 6-8 to 9-11 ( 1 workbook) - to help you and your child discover the meaning, value and creative ability behind literature titles you receive in your Core Package. Helps acquire confidence in the necessary and crucial writing, analysis and research skills required at IGCSE and AS-Levels. ORDER PER CHILD.

Price: R309.11