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Putting a Love2Learn Curriculum Together

Love2Learn does not dictate your subject selection - you are welcome to order as little as one subject at a time!

That said however, in terms of “compulsory” subjects, from Grade 4 up to and including Grade 9 (and with a view to preparing for IGCSE and AS-Levels, viz. Grades 10 – 12/Matric), the Department of Basic Education in South Africa requires that a student should be covering the following six subjects as a minimum:

1. English 1st Language
2. Afrikaans (Huistaal or First Additional Language), or French (These are the two, 2nd languages that L2L offers)
3. Mathematics
4. Social Science (History + [the "People" side of] Geography)
5. Natural Science (Biology + Science + [the "Science" side of] Geography)
6. Life Skills

Love2Learn offers a significantly broader selection of subjects, e.g. Bible and Character, English Literature, Critical Thinking, Art and Music, Economics/Business Studies, Technology, Latin and so on.

It is easy to put together a comprehensive Love2Learn Curriculum for your family - you will require the following two components:

1. Choose subjects at the appropriate Grade level from our DISCIPLINE STUDIES; and
2. Select a CORE PACKAGE, or choose subjects from the appropriate CORE STUDIES level.

Love2Learn Curriculum is designed in the form of a wagon wheel.
The hub of the wheel represents a single Core Curriculum made up of either CORE STUDIES or a CORE PACKAGE, used to teach all of your children, all at the same time - so that you don’t lose your sanity!
(Please note: You can homeschool your entire family on any subject from our CORE STUDIES, provided that ideally the age difference between your youngest and oldest child does not exceed a maximum of 4 years. For a CORE PACKAGE, the maximum age difference cannot exceed 2 - 3 years.)

Certain subjects can be taught to the entire family simultaneously, using the "one-room schoolhouse" concept. These content/cultural subjects fall under our CORE, e.g. Bible, History, Geography, Biology, Science, Technology, Human Anatomy, Economics, Music, Art and Literature. (That’s the good news…. now the bad news…)

Certain subjects simply cannot be taught to the entire family at the same time because they are linear and sequential in nature. These subjects we call DISCIPLINE STUDIES and comprise Mathematics, English, French, Afrikaans (if resident in South Africa), Learning to Read and Handwriting. So, the spokes of the wheel represent the individual DISCIPLINE STUDIES selected for each child according to their grade level.

In order to effectively cover your family in terms of CORE subjects, it may require you to operate two different CORE PACKAGES or CORE STUDIES simultaneously if the age difference between your children demands this.

Then add separate DISCIPLINE STUDIES for each of your children according to their respective grade levels . Therefore, in keeping with the above visual, if you have one child in Grade 2, another in Grade 3 and a third in Grade 4, you will need Grade 2 Maths, English, Afrikaans (if resident in S.A.), Reading and Handwriting, Grade 3 Maths, English, Afrikaans (if resident in S.A.) and Handwriting; and Grade 4 Maths, English (and Afrikaans) or French.

As previously mentioned, you do not have to order our full subject selection of CORE STUDIES or DISCIPLINE STUDIES. You are welcome to order as little as a single subject at a time if you so desire. (Again we remind you that this does not apply to CORE PACKAGES as these are a fixed combination of Core Subjects that are indivisible).

You can mix and match subjects from any of the CORE STUDIES or DISCIPLINE STUDIES and build your own curriculum.
The smallest unit that you can purchase from Love2Learn is a single subject, not a single title.

Love2Learn does not disclose its booklist. We respectfully request that you do not forward enquiries in this regard to the Love2Learn office.


  • "We have been using (Curriculum X from America) for a number of years … and I really was not sure how Love2Learn would compare. I think that you do have a world class product… thank you for a well thought out, well prepared, easy to use curriculum in which you can see and feel the hand of God at work."
    Bron (W. Cape, SA)
  • "It is now 4 years... and my trust in Love2Learn's guidance and curriculum has grown.  I cross paths with a lot of homeschooling moms from other countries and when they discuss their curriculums and what they are doing I am so blessed by the peace and contentment I feel about the curriculum I have chosen. I have seen my very active, social son become an independent learner who wants to work things out on his own, who has finally learnt the art of paying attention, and who has become very comfortable narrating back both orally and written."
    Shirley (Sumatra, Indonesia)
  • "…(our son) is absolutely thriving on Love2Learn… The discipline and yet freedom this curriculum brings is so suited to (us)… the lessons are set out in such a way that he is managing well and so keen to keep moving forward. Thank you Love2Learn team for such an amazing foundation - I just wish that every parent could homeschool the Love2Learn way!"
    Des (S.W. Cape, SA)
  • "We received our books yesterday and am blown away by the quality resources you have been able to supply. My daughter is on camp right now but I cannot wait to show her the treasures that await!"
    Melody (W. Cape, SA)
  • "My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the Love2Learn curriculum, everything is so beautiful, a pleasure to work with and learn from!!"
    Nolet (Mpumalanga, SA)