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What are Discipline Studies?

There are certain subjects in Love2Learn Curriculum that, unlike the cultural/content subjects that make up our CORE PACKAGES and CORE STUDIES, cannot be taught to all of your children at the same time.
For example, you cannot teach your seven-year-old child the finer points of the multiplication of exponents, when they are still trying to master the basic operations of maths! And it would not be very useful to attempt to teach your four-year-old child about adverbial clauses when they are trying to master the letters of the alphabet!

The subjects that cannot be taught to all your children at the same time, we at Love2Learn Curriculum call, DISCIPLINE STUDIES.
These comprise the following subjects:

  • Afrikaans (Second Language and Eerste Taal - Grade 0 - 9 and then IGCSE and AS-Levels)
  • English (Including Phonics, Spelling, Writing, Grammar etc. - Grades 00 - 9 and then IGCSE and AS-Levels)
  • French (Grades 4 - 9 and then IGCSE Level)
  • Latin (Grades 4 - 9)
  • Learning to Read (Grades 1 - 3)
  • Handwriting (Grades 00 - 3)
  • Mathematics (Including Early Numeracy - Grades 00 - 9 and then IGCSE and AS-Levels)

If you order any of these DISCIPLINE STUDIES subjects, please note that each child will be learning these separately, at their respective GRADE level.

Now that you understand the difference between CORE PACKAGES, CORE STUDIES and DISCIPLINE STUDIES, the next step is to discover how to put a Love2Learn Curriculum together for your family.


  • "We have been using your curriculum throughout our 7 years of  homeschooling and have enjoyed every bit of it. The course is comprehensive and well sourced. We just received next year’s books and are always so excited to see what we have next!"
    Cheryll (Perth, W. Australia)
  • "My application was only 3 weeks in, after which Sally came out to check up on everything. She has been doing this for 20 odd years and according to her, she has never seen such a comprehensive curriculum. They normally only give you 1 year exemption, but in my case, she gave me 2 years. She was so impressed with what I had to show her."
    Lindie (Adelaide, S. Australia)
  • "Thank you for all you and your teams very calculated planning in the engine rooms which take a big burden off us, the moms and teachers, in our home. "
    Bianca M (Mpumalanga, SA)
  • "…(our son) is absolutely thriving on Love2Learn… The discipline and yet freedom this curriculum brings is so suited to (us)… the lessons are set out in such a way that he is managing well and so keen to keep moving forward. Thank you Love2Learn team for such an amazing foundation - I just wish that every parent could homeschool the Love2Learn way!"
    Des (S.W. Cape, SA)
  • "Our homeschooling journey is a tremendous blessing to us as a family and as individuals. I cannot describe in words how much it has done for us. Thank you for your faith, dedication, and hard work, for Almighty God to have such impact within families. We are so grateful and thankful for this opportunity!"
    Noéla (Windhoek, Namibia)