"Used in over 20 Countries around the world " - A world class curriculum for every learner!

20 Reasons to Use Love2Learn Curriculum

  1. A Christian and Classical Education.
  2. Jesus is the Centre. “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15
  3. Combines a gentle, Charlotte Mason approach with the excellence of classical education.
  4. Modular design - you can even supplement your child's education by ordering as little as ONE subject at a time from us.
  5. Uses beautiful, full-colour living books.
  6. Learning Styles—Includes daily hands-on activities for Kinaesthetic learners.
  7. Learning Styles—A visual feast for Visual learners.
  8. Learning Styles—Tailored for Auditory learners. 
  9. Fully comprehensive — From Grade 00 through to Grade 12.
  10. High academic standard, culminating in British IGCSE (Grades 10 and 11) and AS-Levels (Grade 12), through our High School division - Imperial International College.
  11. Most subjects include Engine Rooms as standard, so NO lesson preparation on your part! Every lesson of every day is planned out in detail for you, carefully weaving together the beautiful books, fun hands-on activities, drama, narration, internet video clips, writing assignments and more. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher to use Love2Learn!
  12. We supply absolutely everything except blank paper, pens and pencils!
  13. Suitable for almost every homeschooling circumstance and child, whether highly academic or struggling with learning difficulties. 
  14. Designed to offer you the freedom and joy to learn alongside your children. 
  15. Allows you time, freedom and resources to nurture and raise your children to be Godly young men and women of Christian character. 
  16. Your children no longer think of this as “school” and simply love to learn. 
  17. Well established—developed in 2001, Love2Learn is well known in SA homeschooling communities.
  18. Love2Learn Curriculum has been faithfully serving International homeschooling families and is gaining worldwide recognition - now used in >20 countries worldwide. 
  19. Puts the HOME back into "home"-schooling.
  20. Inspiring a passion for God, His Kingdom and for lifelong learning.


  • "I would like to thank you and your team for excellent service and for putting together such wonderful curriculum material, both of my girls have been so much more enthusiastic and eager to learn this past year.  Being told about Love2Learn has been an absolute blessing!"
    Peta (Tete, Mozambique)
  • "Our homeschooling journey is a tremendous blessing to us as a family and as individuals. I cannot describe in words how much it has done for us. Thank you for your faith, dedication, and hard work, for Almighty God to have such impact within families. We are so grateful and thankful for this opportunity!"
    Noéla (Windhoek, Namibia)
  • "We have been using (Curriculum X from America) for a number of years … and I really was not sure how Love2Learn would compare. I think that you do have a world class product… thank you for a well thought out, well prepared, easy to use curriculum in which you can see and feel the hand of God at work."
    Bron (W. Cape, SA)
  • "I am loving the curriculum and spending constructive time with my boys! Even my two year old loves to participate!"
    Leeann (Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA)
  • "My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the Love2Learn curriculum, everything is so beautiful, a pleasure to work with and learn from!!"
    Nolet (Mpumalanga, SA)