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Children are vibrant and colourful.
Education should be too.

Bring Life to Learning.

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Love2Learn Curriculum.

The Unique Value We Bring To Education

Our paramount goal is to bring LIFE to learning
as we equip families and educators to raise children of good character.


Education tailored to fit the unique needs
of your child, rather than the reverse.


With Love2Learn you have very limited admin responsibilities, making space for your creativity!


A dynamic blend of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education and our own experience since 2000.

The implementation of all of the above will result in children who are fully empowered with 21st CENTURY SKILLS –
critical thinkers and problem solvers – able to take their place in the world of today – and of tomorrow…
Children who will mature into Godly men and women of faith and love, who seek justice and love mercy;
the hope-bearers committed and equipped to create a better world, a people set apart for God’s purposes!

How To Choose Your Subjects

Love2Learn is a modular Curriculum.
This means that you can choose as many or as few subjects as you would like.

Our curriculum subjects are grouped into two major categories.


Content or cultural subjects, like Bible, Geography, Biology, Science, History etc., can be taught using what’s known as the “one-room schoolhouse” approach; i.e. these subjects can be taught to multiple grade levels simultaneously.

We call these subjects: CONTENT STUDIES.

Read more…


Subjects that are foundational, linear and sequential in nature, like Maths, Languages, Learning to Read and Write, Critical Thinking etc., must be taught at a specific grade level, as each year a child builds on the knowledge they acquired in the previous year.

We call these subjects: DISCIPLINE STUDIES.

Read more…

Video Explanation

For a comprehensive overview of the structure of Love2Learn,
as well as guidance on how to select and combine subjects
to suite your family’s unique needs, please watch this video.

News and Features

Experience has shown us that parents come to homeschooling for a variety of reasons –
be they Spiritual, educational standards, safety,
life-style or whatever…

…and in far and away the majority of cases,
they realise when they’re in it, that it should have been their first choice all along!

News and Features

Experience has shown us that parents come to homeschooling for a variety of reasons –
be they Spiritual, educational standards, safety,
life-style or whatever…

…and in far and away the majority of cases,
they realise when they’re in it, that it should have been their first choice all along!



Is L2L SAQA or Umalusi Accredited?
The short answer is “No.” But please read on for why it is not necessary…

At present, neither the DBE nor SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) are able to produce a set of criteria by which to evaluate Love2Learn, nor any other homeschooling curricula for that matter.

It is important to note that the Pretoria High Court (in March 2011) confirmed that the state curriculum (now known as CAPS – Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) is not binding on (amongst others) parents who educate their children at home. This means that children who are educated privately, including homeschoolers, are not required to follow the CAPS curriculum.

Love2Learn was originally designed after researching curricula from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the SA National Curriculum; and from there we compiled the scope and sequence of our offering .

One very important criteria to bear in mind in all of this, is the fact that Love2learn does not culminate in the SA National Senior Certificate (CAPS). Rather, we prepare students to write the prestigious AS-Level examinations from Cambridge, through our sister company, Imperial International Collegewww.iic-online.com.

The AS-Level qualification is fully endorsed by USAF (Universities of South Africa) and thus recognised by every public University in South Arica, as well as a number of institutions across the world.

The need for Umalusi accreditation
is thus irrelevant.

What Accreditation Does Love2Learn Have?

Love2Learn may not be accredited by the DBE (not that we need it – as per above); but we are humbled to share with you that we are currently used by families in more than 25 countries around the world and by Learning Centres in 3 countries.

We believe that their endorsement speaks volumes as to the standard and international level of what we offer.

Testing and Exams

Does L2L Have Official Testing and Exams?


The perceived “need for exams” is largely a throw-back to our “12 year degree in ‘how to do school'”…

Aside from cycle and revision testing, schools traditionally conduct a mid-year and end-of-year exam sitting… mid-year exams, so that they can determine what areas they need to “patch”; and end-of-year exams, so that they can determine if student’s know enough to move up to the next grade level.

This begs the question: “Why doesn’t a teacher know what his student know and don’t know?”

The reality is, it is virtually impossible for one person to know what 20, 30, 40 (and in some schools) 50+ students in a class all know and don’t know.

Hence the need for regular cycle tests and examinations.

There are prescribed revision tests in some of the resources for various subjects throughout the Curriculum, however there are no compulsory tests or exams up to the end of Grade 9.


How Does One Assess Children Using L2L?

In contrast to the above mainstream school scenario, in a homeschooling and cottage schooling environment, where you the parent/educator are one on one or perhaps a maximum of a handful of children, you know what your children know and don’t know, because you are with them all the time as you homeschool together.

In keeping with Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy – there is a chance for narration (verbal or written) – after every lesson, which is your chance for ongoing summative assessment.

From the start of International GCSE (Gr10/11 combined) onwards, through Imperial International College – Online Education for High School (our sister company), we offer an extensive range of assessments and past papers to ensure a thorough preparation – both as regards subject comprehension, as well as invaluable exam technique – for the International GCSE and AS-Level examinations. For more on this please visit www.iic-online.com.

School Leaving Certification

What School-Leaving Qualification Does L2L Offer?

Our sister company, Imperial International College (I.I.C.) is an online learning institution that offers comprehensive support to independent students wishing to write the prestigious International GCSE and AS-Level qualifications (Gr10 – 12), which are recognized by tertiary institutions worldwide.

I.I.C. is not a registered Cambridge centre however our courses are all aligned to the Cambridge syllabus and fully prepare students for these examinations.

How Does A Child Retun To Mainstream School?

In terms of re-entering mainstream, there are essentially the following options:

  1. You can compile a Report and present it to the school. (You may download a Report Template as part of Love2Learn’s FREE Educator’s Support Pack).
  2. You can have your child assessed by an independent assessor or Educational psychologist and present that report to the school.
  3. You can have your child write an “entrance exam”, which many schools these days offer; and gain eligibility once they pass.
  4. Our personal favourite would be that you take the portfolio of work completed in the past year of h-s and present that to the HOD or other Grade teacher.
    If you have been h-s with diligence, commitment and regularity, it is my firm belief that you will generate a portfolio of work that supersedes ANY school on the face of planet earth; and any teacher should be able to see that your child is comfortably on par with the students in that same grade in their school.

L2L Literacy And Numeracy

Gr00 - Gr6: PR1ME Maths

Love2Learn offers the world-class PR1ME Mathematics syllabus for Grades 1-6.

So, why is this such good news? Here are 5 great reasons!

  1. It is proven to be the world’s best practice!

PR1ME Mathematics is a world-class programme based on the effective teaching and learning practices of Singapore, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong – all three of whom are consistent top performers in international studies.

  1. Your child will develop deep conceptual understanding!

PR1ME Mathematics follows the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. That sounds complicated, but it’s great actually! What it means is that your child will learn to make connections between physical materials, visual representations and mathematical symbols. And what’s so great about that? It helps your child develop deep conceptual understanding, which is one of the secrets to Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong’s incredible success in Mathematics.

  1. Your child will learn to think critically and develop problem solving skills!

You probably already know that Love2Learn is completely crazy about children learning to think critically. Well, our new PR1ME Mathematics offering consciously develops problem-solving skills and addresses both the process and the method of solving problems. Your child will learn to use different strategies and solve problems effectively and confidently. Again, this is another secret of the success of the leading nations in mathematics instruction.

  1. Your child will learn to control their thinking processes!

PR1ME Mathematics encourages the development of metacognition and mathematical thinking. This is fantastic too because it teaches your child to think about their thinking! Thinking mathematically will become a conscious habit and your child will learn to monitor their thought process and communicate their thought processes and mathematical thinking.

  1. Your child will love the full-colour, easy to use books; and you will love the added “surprises”!

Not only are the books beautifully laid out in full-colour and easy to use, but there are ample opportunities for extra practice. PR1ME Mathematics has a few other welcome surprises in store: Maths Manipulatives – relating directly to the course – are available for each year. Detailed Teacher’s Guides tell you exactly what to do every lesson. There are regular tests and opportunities to check if your child has grasped and understood the concept just taught. So Assessment forms a routine part of the ongoing lesson.

Gr7 - Gr9: International GCSE Preparation

What is important to point out is that we are not grooming our students for the SA mainstream NSC (National Senior Certificate) Matric.

Instead, we are grooming them for the prestigious International GCSE (Gr10/11) and AS-Levels (Gr12), which is recognised as of the highest standards of Matric offered in the world – which is where Love2Learn Curriculum students ultimately culminate, through our sister company – Imperial International Collegewww.iic-online.com.

For this reason, Our Grade 7, 8 and 9 have been designed with International GCSE and AS-Levels in mind. In addition, we have included a spread of Cambridge Checkpoint and pre-International GCSE resources across our Grade 7, 8 and 9 subject offering, so that these levels create even more enhanced stepping-stones of preparation for the start of International GCSE in Grade 10.

English / Literacy

Love2Learn English is an amalgamation of tailored resources.

Grade 0 starts laying the foundation for Phonics and Reading. Our Grade 1 standard is high and assumes children can already read and recognise 3-letter words; and our Grade 0 English builds into this.

In Grade 1 children commence formal Grammar studies, Creative Writing (Character, Setting, Plot, Structure etc.), Formal Comprehension, Phonics, Spelling Tests, Poetry, Copy work and so on and so forth.

In addition, we have included a spread of Cambridge Checkpoint and pre-International GCSE resources across our Grade 7, 8 and 9 subject offering, so that these levels create even more enhanced stepping-stones of preparation for when students start the prestigious International GCSE (Gr10/11) and AS-Levels (Gr12) Examinations, through our sister company, Imperial International Collegewww.iic-online.com.

Is Homeschooling Legal?

Laws and Regulations

Each country has its own laws and regulations that govern homeschooling.
We would recommend that you contact the Home Schooling Legal Defence Association in your country in order to get clarity on what these are.

In South Africa, homeschooling is 100% legal.
We would also recommend that you contact the Pestalozzi Trust  in this regard. Their contact details are as follows:

Pestalozzi Trust
Contact: Karin van Oostrum
Tel: 012 330 1337

Kindly note that the decision to/not to register, with the Dept. of Basic Education rests with you, the parent and NOT Love2Learn Curriculum. We would encourage you to seek advice before making your decision.

How Do I Notify The School?

In regard to removing your children from school – there is no hard and fast answer to this, save to say that a school may not interfere directly with your decision.

At best they may require you to sign a “release form”, which states that due to the fact that your child is no longer under their “jurisdiction” from an educational point of view, you release them – with immediate effect – from the obligation of having to educate your child.

This we believe is quite justifiable; and given that you are going to be the person responsible, you should have no qualms with signing such a form.

2nd Language Options

French Second Language

We comprehensively cover French at 2nd Language level from Grade 1 – Grade 9; and then students have the option to continue on with French at International GCSE Level as a school-leaving credit, via our sister company, Imperial International College – www.iic-online.com.

Afrikaans / Other Subjects In Afrikaans

1. Afrikaans Huistaal (Eerste Taal):

We comprehensively cover Afrikaans Huistaal from Graad 0 – Graad 9.

Please note that Cambridge no longer offer Afrikaans Huistaal at either International GCSE or AS-Levels (Gr10-12).


2. Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal (2nd Language):

We comprehensively cover Afrikaans EAT from Grade 1 – Grade 9; and then students have the option to continue on with Afrikaans EAT at International GCSE and/or AS-Levels, both of which can constitute a school-leaving credit.

Additional Subjects Available in Afrikaans:

We offer these subjects as compete offerings including Engine Rooms (lesson plans) –

1. Afrikaans Lees – Graad 0 – Graad 6
2. Afrikaans Skrif – Graad 1 – Graad 3

One important factor to bear in mind is that Love2Learn eventually culminates in the prestigious International GCSE and AS-Level (Grades 10-12) and aside from Afrikaans EAT, all subjects need to be written in English.

Consequently, if you plan to homeschool right through to Grade 12, then at some point you will need to make the switch to English in order to give your children adequate time to prepare and be comfortable, learning in English.


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