Children are vibrant and colourful.
Education should be too.

Bring  Life  to Learning.

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The Unique Value We Bring To Education

Our paramount goal is to bring LIFE to learning
as we equip families and educators to raise children of good character.


Education tailored to fit the unique needs of your child, rather than the reverse.


With Love2Learn you have very limited admin responsibilities, making space for your creativity!


A dynamic blend of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education and our own experience since 2000.

The implementation of all of the above will result in children who are fully empowered with 21st CENTURY SKILLS –
critical thinkers and problem solvers – able to take their place in the world of today – and of tomorrow…
Children who will mature into Godly men and women of faith and love, who seek justice and love mercy;
the hope-bearers committed and equipped to create a better world, a people set apart for God’s purposes!

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How To Choose Your Subjects

Love2Learn is a modular Curriculum.
This means that you can choose as many or as few subjects as you would like.


Content or cultural subjects, like Bible, Geography, Biology, Science, History etc., can be taught using what’s known as the “one-room schoolhouse” approach; i.e. these subjects can be taught to multiple grade levels simultaneously.

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Subjects that are foundational, linear, and sequential in nature, like Maths, Languages, Learning to Read and Write, Critical Thinking etc., must be taught at a specific grade level; as each year a child builds on
the knowledge they acquired in the previous year.

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Compile a Curriculum for your unique family

For a comprehensive overview of the structure of Love2Learn, as well as guidance on how to select and combine subjects to suit your family’s unique needs, click below.

How Our Curriculum Fits Together

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16 Years of Experience

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Meet Andrea, one of our homeschooling Moms! 

Listen to her 70-sec testimonial in which she shares three things that she loves about homeschooling and educating her three children using Love2Learn Curriculum.