Karen Landi writes…

I am from Community Hours SA, we are a community based online portal that facilitates and manages community service

hours for teens, parents, teachers, schools, active citizens and accredited non-profit organisations.

We offer out of the box volunteering opportunities to truly engage teens to encourage sustainable volunteering and active citizenship.

We already have a number of homeschooling learners on our platform. Community service hours are an essential aspect of university application. We work to engage teens and host #VolunteerWith events monthly, these events are a fantastic opportunity for teens from different schools to get to know one another in a safe environment while doing good for their community.  These are family friendly opportunities open to parents and younger children too.

For more information, please contact Karen Landi directly on

0829057441 / karen@communityhourssa.co.za


Click on the image below to visit their website.

Community Hours SA Logo

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