Hot on the heels of the recent launch of our New PR1ME Maths offering, we are once again delighted and excited to announce

the launch of our new English Language offering which spans Grades 1 – 9

Because of the high standard of English language skills that students are required to have mastered for IGCSE and AS-Level, Love2Learn has assembled an outstanding, new English curriculum for Grades 1 – 9, which effectively meets all the British and international education requirements.

By the time students write IGCSE and AS-Level exams, they are expected to express themselves in a mature and sophisticated way on any subject across the board of the curriculum – not just in English, but in their other subject choices as well: Business, Economics, History, the Sciences and the Arts.

For this reason, Love2Learn has sourced new material to bring our English language offering up-to-date and furnish students with the highest standards of current international language education. Each Grade-level course is packed with stimulating material to guide and hone your child’s ability in comprehension, reading, spelling, writing, and speaking.

But most significantly, the sound foundation in grammar, mechanics and critical thinking in this course will equip your child to manipulate language optimally in every communication task.

These resources will equip students from Gr 1 – 9 with skills that include:

  • lower-cognitive and higher-cognitive critical thinking
  • mastery of grammar and mechanics
  • skills training to enable students to manipulate language for different purposes
  • workbooks and answer books to facilitate monitoring of students’ progress

We are excited to make these outstanding resources available to our Love2Learn families and learning centres along with comprehensive Engine Rooms (lesson plans) that will facilitate their implementation to the full.

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