After months of research and development, our R&D Team is proud to announce their latest addition to the Love2Learn Curriculum:

French as a Second Language option.

Learning a second language has enormous advantages, because the brain builds more pathways which greatly enhance its processing capacity.

Now students wishing to study French as a second language can do so from Grades 1 through 9, with a view to going on to complete the IGCSE French course through Imperial International College, a division of Love2Learn Curriculum.

Love2Learn’s aim is to always provide a rich and varied curriculum, and once again, this has ensured that the new French resources will not disappoint. Colourful and stimulating, every Grade level comes with CD-Rom and/or internet resource enhancement.

Each resource guides students in age-appropriate and interactive activities through the foundations of grammar, progressively building on more advanced grammar structures in the older Grade levels.

Students will enjoy puzzles, games, interactive workbook exercises, cartoons and fun-filled activities as they acquire the sounds and structures of the French language – as well as developing a taste for French culture along the way.

Your child does not have to be in Grade 1 to start Second Language French.

This is because the foundations of French grammar are reinforced at every level. This means a student will quickly and easily be able to follow the curriculum, since each year’s course builds consistently and progressively on the foundations. For the more senior levels, students enrolling for Grades 7, 8 or 9 will be provided with an 8-week catch-up course to ensure they are completely confident and ready for the year-long course of their choice.

Please feel free to call us and find out more about our exciting new French offering as soon as you can!

The Love2Learn team

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