When one begins with the end in mind, there is always so much more point to an activity. And that’s the same with guiding children to appreciate good literature from very early on.

So what is the end objective?

At Love2Learn, the answer is two-fold. In the long term, it will produce an adult who can read and write with wisdom, discernment and skill. In the shorter term, throughout a child’s educational years, exposure to good literature models examples of writing excellence for him to follow. It also instills in him an appreciation for accuracy in wording and beauty in concepts.

Ultimately, reading good literature will empower a student in his own communication throughout his studying life. And his proficiency, or lack of it, shows when he writes in the IGCSE and AS Level exams.

We cannot over-emphasise the importance of instilling happy reading habits in your children from a very early age, in order to help them write effectively in their exams at mature student levels. Different subjects require accuracy of expression within their disciplines. It is the same with language and literature.

An appreciation for good literature is quite possibly the greatest educational gift you could ever give your child.

Literature is not just good story-telling. The story is merely the vehicle for much more important cognitive activity. It uses words that must be combined together in such a way that others effectively understand the thought behind the words. And it uses logical combinations of thoughts to bring about a change in the reader’s neurological processes.  At exam level, the student is tested for his ability to bring about the very same thing in the examiner’s mental processes as he reads the student’s response.

In order to ensure this, mastery and capacity of language-use must be groomed. It is with this end in mind that Love2Learn has developed Appreciating Literature: A Guided Workbook, to ready students for the English papers, where students’ ability to manipulate the language are tested above all. This requires sophisticated skills which can only be acquired, often subliminally, through years of exposure to good examples of the written word. Appreciating Literature: A Guided Workbook provides a student with systematic, specific tools to unpack language and writing at every age level.

Time and time again, it is evident in exams when a student has been exposed to good literature, and can draw on a rich store-house of writing skills.

An appreciation for good literature is quite possibly the greatest educational gift you could ever give your child. And Love2Learn makes it easier than ever.

The Love2Learn Team

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