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FREE Seminar

“Restoring life to learning”
for Teachers and Students
in Learning Centres and Cottage Schools

Children - Living Book

Do you manage, teach at or are you wanting to open a Learning Centre or Cottage School?

Are you…

Tired of trying to enthuse your students with dull, lifeless material?
Overwhelmed with excessive admin controls?
Longing to rejuvenate the “teacher’s creative heart” in you?
Desperate to find a comprehensive curriculum that covers pre-school to Matric?
Then, this Seminar is a MUST for you to attend!

Join us for the morning and we will show you how
Love2Learn’s modular Curriculum spanning Gr00 – Gr12 (AS-Levels):

  • Restores life to learning for both you and your students with our beautiful selection of full-colour, living books!
  • Saves you money with its unique, amortised subject offering!
  • Saves you time with its comprehensive Lesson Plans!
  • Saves you space with its multi-grade integration!

We serve a number of Learning Centres
– locally and internationally –
who are experiencing the benefits daily of what
Love2Learn has to offer their teachers and students…
…why not come to our FREE Seminar
and see what it can do for you?!

Saturday, 30 September, 08h30 – 12h30
Community Centre, Lonehill Village Church,
23 Crestwood Drive, Lonehill.
Tea and Coffee will be served.

Please send any enquiries to or call +27 11 465 6049.

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