We have good news for the month of May – starting Wednesday 16 May ending 31 May 2018. It’s winter time, which means it’s time to stay warm, nurture relationships and delve into a pile of good books. Why not extend your brain with new subjects you’ve always wanted to try.

There are loads of surprise May Madness Sale Specials, with something for everyone, across a range of products that Love2Learn offers – for home-schoolers, un-schoolers and school-going children – as below.

Click on any of the images or links to view available specials in the category of your choice.

Bible & Character

Enjoy special time with the Lord as you engage with our excellent Bible study materials to help you grow your relationship with Jesus and help you cope with day-to-day, age-appropriate issues – we have something for every age.

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Why not help your child to pick up a European language like French?

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English Literature

What about enjoying delightful pre-approved, age-appropriate English literature books with your child. An added bonus is that we include our Literature Appreciation Workbook as standard with each literature order, to enable you to guide your child on how to analyse and interpret each book, for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

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You could even spend some time with your child learning about one of the foundational languages upon which English is based.

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Study Skills

Study skills are vital for high school and tertiary education. Help your child build a strong foundation as early as possible to better prepare them for life.

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Critical Thinking

Teach your children to consider everything they learn critically in order to form their own judgements and conclusions. This is another essential skill for secondary and tertiary education as well as the working world, so take advantage of this opportunity to build a strong foundation for your child.

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