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Love2Learn is proud to be associated with the following entities.

Like us, they too are committed to seeing children flourish in their education.


Who is Lead2Learn?

Lead2Learn is a team of experienced study skills experts – that specialises in helping learners master their studies so they can save time, overcome fear and study with ease and confidence.

Their latest e-course offering is targeted specifically at you as the homeschooling parent and educator, to help you create the right learning environment.

Among a host of other benefits, you will discover that:

  • Learning does not need to be a “one-size fits all” approach; and

  • Any learner is capable of  learning absolutely anything, if given the right learning environment.


This e-course normally costs R680.00.

Use Love2Learn’s unique code: “Love2Learn15”

and you will receive a 15% DISCOUNT!

You pay only R578.00.

Who is SAMI?

SAMI (SA Memory Institute) has been around since 1998; and in this time they have earned the endorsement of the Western Cape Education Department – and, many success stories flow from the over 15 000 students that have attended their courses.

Their ONLINE platform offers two age appropriate variants:
1. Grades 4 to 9 and
2. Grades 10 to 12.

SAMI’s product is offered via an assessor facilitated and fully virtual experience – all accessible and able to run, within the comfort of your own home.


How Does SAMI-Online Work?

The SAMI-Online course includes a Pre-assessment by their trained course facilitators. Then students complete the 16 videos, where after they are required to complete a series of assessment worksheets. These worksheets will determine the knowledge and comprehension of each specific module.  The facilitators will mark and provide feedback accordingly.  It is crucial that every part of the course is understood and can be implemented.

“SAMI has been around since 1998 and over the years we have developed a significant competency which is reflected in our newest offering “SAMI – Online”. Our main objective is to develop your child’s total character, improve their study techniques which will reduce study time; and all the while, upping their enjoyment of the process”, says Andre Esterhuizen, Managing Partner – SAMI North.

SAMI-Online Course Duration And Cost.

SAMI-Online comprises 4 modules and 16 videos, with relevant assessment worksheets and facilitator feedback. It is recommended to be completed in 4 weeks
and a minimum of 4 session per week.


The standard cost for this course is R3,450.00.

Use Love2Learn’s Unique Code: “L2L2020”, and you will receive a

13% Discount; so you pay ONLY R2,995.00 –

that’s a saving of R455.00!

(Remember to use Love2Learn’s Unique Code “L2L2020” to qualify for your discount.)

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