By the time today’s elementary students reach adulthood, 75% of new career opportunities will likely be in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Getting kids excited about STEM at an early age is also an important element in developing real-world problem solvers and innovators.

STEM education is more important than ever to prepare children for life…

Kids are never too young to start thinking about science, technology, engineering and maths. In fact children are little scientists who have a natural curiosity about the world around them.
STEM education is active and focuses on child-centred learning. Children engage in questioning, problem solving, collaboration and hands-on activities to solve problems.
In STEM education, parents can act as facilitators, guiding their children through the problem-solving process.

Love2Learn is now offering this exciting new series, which focuses on STEM for Grade Pre-K (00), Grade K (O or R) and Grade 1. (Pre-school and Early Foundation levels)
These full-color workbooks engage young children in fun, meaningful, hands-on projects that develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The activities and challenges are designed to be fun for children.

Somewhere along the educational ladder, students get intimidated by STEM subjects and start to shy away from them. However, with the Smart Start: STEM activity books, kids are learning at an early age just how fun and intriguing these subjects can be. With parents acting as facilitators, kids engage in exciting, interesting science-based stories, activities, and journal challenges that foster critical and creating thinking skills.
STEM Info-graphic
Each Smart Start: STEM activity book includes 14 science-themed lessons that help children understand science concepts and encourage them to think creatively and explore different ideas to solve problems.

Each unit includes:

  • A reading passage that introduces a science concept.
  • Practice activities that support comprehension and understanding.
  • A fictional STEM story that includes a problem to solve.
  • A STEM challenge consisting of a hands-on activity to solve a problem.
  • A STEM journal activity that helps guide children through the engineering design process: plan, create, test, and record.

Topics within each STEM challenge target earth, life, and physical science. Each unit covers a specific scientific concept and includes:

  • Science Story: Introduces each science concept
  • Practice Activities: Support children’s understanding
  • STEM Story: Fictional story with a problem to solve
  • STEM Challenge: Hands-on activity to solve a problem

Instructions and answer keys included.

128 full-colour pages.

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