Education tailored to fit the unique needs

of your child, rather than the reverse.

1. Tailor To Your Child’s Subject Needs And Interests

-We offer a modular subject selection

At Love2Learn we do not dictate your subject selection, rather we are here to guide you in your selection.

Love2Learn is Modular in its design;  consequently your are NOT required to order the full range of subjects we offer in our  Discipline Studies  and  Content Studies . The beauty of a modular curriculum is that you have the freedom to choose the subjects and tailor-make an education for your child

2. Teach In Your Child’s Learning Language

We cater for Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learning styles

At Love2Learn we seek to engender a life-long love for learning via the inclusion of beautiful, full-colour, photo-rich, “living” books and the incorporation of hands-on activities as well as internet links, so that Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles are accommodated in a FUN way!
A child’s learning style preference impacts how they assimilate and retain information.
Another word for learning style is LEARNING LANGUAGE.

The incorporation of material and activities that caters for Visual (“See it…”), Auditory (“Hear it…”) and Kinaesthetic (“Do it…”) learning preferences means that your child is able to process the material in the “language” that they “speak”.
Love2Learn has tailored its Curriculum to accommodate all three learning modalities all at the same time! There is thus no need to purchase three separate curricula!


3. Children Own Their Learning Process

- They become independent learners

For education to be truly effective, our children must ultimately become INDEPENDENT LEARNERS.
And therein we believe lies a vital key to the difference between “HOME-schooling” and doing “SCHOOL-at-home”.
“HOME-schooling” is not so much about us as parents “teaching”, in the traditional sense of the word; rather, we need to be encouraged to see our role more as FACILITATORS TO LEARNING.

4. Eliminate Stressful Examination Overload

- Narration: An innovative assessment tool

We often get asked the question, “How will I know if my child is ready to go to the next grade level, if I don’t give them tests and exams?”
Good question! Here is the answer…
At Love2Learn, we believe you do not need regular cycle tests and exams to determine whether children are comprehending the material that they are covering.

This similarly implies the ability to retain knowledge for very long periods of time. The ability to retain what you learn is key to education.
Learning to pay attention is not necessarily something that we are born with... it is a skill which needs to be carefully, patiently and lovingly developed; and honed over the years!