"Suitable for Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic, combined with Reflective " - Learning Styles

Selecting a Core Package for my Family

In order to select the appropriate CORE PACKAGE for your family, simply select a CORE PACKAGE, using the youngest age on the chart below as your guide to correspond with the age of your child; i.e. if your child is 9, then you would order our Core Package 9 – 11 Years.

Please note: If you wish to homeschool more than one child at a time on a CORE PACKAGE, the age difference between the youngest and oldest child should ideally not exceed a maximum of 2 - 3 years. You will need to select the CORE PACKAGE that corresponds to the age of your youngest child and your oldest child accordingly.
e.g. If your youngest child is 10 and your oldest child is 12, then you would choose Core Package 10 – 12 years.

If you are currently using Love2Learn Curriculum and have been doing individual Love2Learn Core Subjects up until now; and you wish to swap over to a CORE PACKAGE, kindly follow the guidelines in the paragraphs above, or refer to the table, below:

Please note that in order to offer your child a comprehensive education; in addition to ordering either individual CORE STUDIES or a CORE PACKAGE, you will need to also purchase our DISCIPLINE STUDIES (i.e. Maths, English, Learning to Read and Write etc.) per grade, per child.