Certain subjects - specifically the content/cultural subjects - can be taught using what’s known as the "one-room schoolhouse"; concept. Viz. these subjects can be taught to all of your children (within reason) all at the same time on a single topic per lesson, without holding the eldest child back, or compromising the understanding of the youngest child.

At Love2Learn we group these subjects under the banner, which we call CONTENT STUDIES.

We are intimately aware of the difficulties facing a family trying to teach multiple ages simultaneously. For example, let’s assume you have been blessed with three children. How will you cope if you have to teach three lots of History lessons (all on different topics!), three lots of Geography lessons (yes… all on different topics!), three lots of Biology lessons (again...all on different topics!), three lots of Art lessons (oh no!....all on different topics!)... Need we say more? It is quite likely that you will want to give up homeschooling after a week!

One LEVEL of CONTENT STUDIES can be used to educate students in up to 3 consecutive grade levels simultaneously; viz. all the students in these 3 grade levels will be covering the same material at the same time, however their output will be different.
(See: How To Choose Your Subjects)

CONTENT STUDIES comprise the following subjects:

  •  Bible (Bible Study, Christian Character, Scripture Memorisation, Theology etc.)
  • History (World History, Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, 20th Century + Extra Module South African History)
  • Critical Thinking (Traditional and Material Logic)
  • English Literature (Great Books, Classics, Biographies, Historical Novels & Wholesome Books)
  • Business Skills and Economics (With an Accounting Option in High School)
  • Art (Practical, Art Appreciation and History of Art)
  • Music (Music Appreciation)
  • Global Perspectives (Developing 21st century skills and understanding perspectives from around the globe.)
  • Geography (Map-work, Physical Geography, Geology, Astronomy)
  • Biology (Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Microbiology)
  • Science (Physics and Chemistry)
  • Technology
  • Human Anatomy (Including Physiology and First Aid)
  • Life Skills (Various)

Our "CONTENT STUDIES" are a sanity preserver for parents and educators
working with more than one grade level of children simultaneously!

Our CONTENT STUDIES(CS) span levels from as young as Grade 000 (+/-3 years old) using CS Level 000 right through to Grade 9 (+/-16 years of age), using CS Level 9.
They are sequential in offering, being: CS Level 000, CS Level 00, CS Level 0, CS Level 1 etc.
through to CS Level 9.

A new CS Level is completed every year, gradually working through all the Levels until completion of Level 9; and then you commence with International GCSE (Grades 10 and 11) and AS-Levels (Grade 12).

For guidance in choosing a CS Level to suite your child/children’s needs -

How To Choose Your Subjects