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Grade 1 Discipline Studies

COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 1 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User) (Includes full instructions on Home-Schooling and how to operate L2L + Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R789.10

COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 2 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User - as per OPTION 1, but EXCLUDES Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R335.40

Grade 1 Mathematics (PR1ME MATHEMATICS Syllabus). NEW FROM SEPT 2016+. Engine Room Schedule (Lesson Plans) + 6 Books, including Teachers Guides. Please also order the appropriate Maths Manipulatives Kit.

Price: R2,510.42

Grade 1 PR1ME Mathematics (Extra Set of Consumable Workbooks for Sibling) (4 books). NEW FROM SEPT 2016+.

Price: R986.92

Practice Tests for Grade 1 Mathematics (PR1ME MATHEMATICS Syllabus) (OPTIONAL) 1 Book, which includes answers.

Price: R461.70


Price: R2,560.21

GRADE 1 - 2 MATHS CHARTS (OPTIONAL) (19 WALL CHARTS). Can be used with any Maths syllabus.

Price: R212.19


Price: R602.88

Grade 1 Mathematics (Extra Set of Consumable Workbooks for Sibling) (4 books) - ONLY applicable if you ordered Gr 1 Maths BEFORE 10 Sept 2016 (for CAPS syllabus)

Price: R556.46

GRADE/GRAAD 0-1 Computer Software - FOR MATHEMATICS ENGLISH & READING EXTENSION - For PC only Windows 7&8 (NOT Mac- compatible). Optional for Extension work. Bilingual support (English/Afrikaans). Ages 5-7. 1 CD-Rom.

Price: R324.90

8 week catch up course for Grade 1 English (First Language) (1 workbook + 1 set of 1 Sound Charts + Schedule) - Consists of phonics and spelling lessons prior to commencing Grade 1 English (1st language) (2 Workbooks + Schedule)

Price: R634.17

Grade 1 English (First Language) (8 week catch up course - EXTRA CONSUMABLE WORKBOOK FOR SIBLING) (1 book)

Price: R170.21

Grade 1 English (First Language) NEW 2017+ CURRICULUM (Assumes a Child Can Do Basic Reading & 3 letter words) (Full Lesson Plans + 6 books + 1 set of Sound Charts) EXCLUDES READING! Please order appropriate KITS for GRAMMAR and POETRY as part of this subject.

Price: R2,391.28

Essential Grammar Kit for Grades 1-2 English (FIRST LANGUAGE)(NEW 2017+ CURRICULUM) This is a once off purchase. (1 book). Must be ordered if you are doing Grades 1-2 English (First Language) 2017+ CURRICULUM.

Price: R299.88

Essential Poetry Kit for Grades 1-3 English (FIRST LANGUAGE)(NEW 2017+ CURRICULUM) This is a once off purchase. (1 book). Must be ordered if you are doing Grades 1 -3 English (First Language) 2017+ CURRICULUM. (Not required if you have the title Childs Garden of Verses)

Price: R226.20

Grade 1 English (First Language) (Extra Set of Consumable Workbooks for Sibling) (6 books) FOR NEW 2017+ CURRICULUM

Price: R1,627.87

Grade 1 English (First Language) - (Extra Consumable Workbooks for Sibling - To match OLD English subjects ordered BEFORE October 2016) (5 books)

Price: R1,486.09

English Vocabulary Builder for Grade 1 - 1 workbook

Price: R357.50

Grade 1 Reading (12 books + 1 Set of Flashcards) Includes Engine Room (Lesson Plans)

Price: R1,330.97

Grade 1 Handwriting/Penmanship (1 book + 5 A3 Charts) Includes ENGINE ROOM (Lesson Plans)

Price: R433.50

Grade 1 Handwriting/Penmanship (without Letter Wall Charts) ( 1 book) Includes ENGINE ROOM (Lesson Plans)

Price: R375.74

Grade 1 Handwriting/Penmanship (Extra Consumable Workbook for Sibling) (1 book)

Price: R94.85

Graad 1 Afrikaans (Eerste Taal - Huistaal) - OPSIE 1 NUUT (Indien Gr 0 Afrikaans nie alreeds klaargemaak is nie) (1 Leerdersboek ('n werkboek) + 1 onderwysersgids + 5 Leesboeke + Grootboeke Pakket + 2 stel Muurkaarte + 2 boeke + Engine Room) Volledig Afrikaans. Please order Extra Stel Werkboeke vir broers/susters. Please also order Graad 1-3 Essential Afrikaans Kit if you do not already have Oxford's First Bilingual Dictionary.

Price: R2,536.20

Graad 1 Afrikaans (Eerste Taal - Huistaal) Addisionele Werkboeke vir broers/susters (1 boek)

Price: R117.01

Graad 1-3 Essential Kit for AFRIKAANS EERSTE TAAL (This is a once-off purchase. Do not purchase if you have already purchased Oxford First Bilingual Dictionary) (1 Book)

Price: R120.90

NEW Graad 1 Lees (Afrikaans Eerste Taal - Home Language) (Volledig Afrikaans - 16 boeke + Engine Room (Lesson Plans) + Flitskaarte vir Vlak 1-4)

Price: R1,486.74

Grade 1 French (Second Language). NEW FROM MARCH 2017+. Engine Room Schedule (Lesson Plans) + 2 Books, including 1 Workbook with Audio CD. You will need to order the ESSENTIAL FRENCH KIT for Grades 1-3 to complete this subject. Please order Extra workbooks for siblings

Price: R695.63

Grade 1 French Extra Set of Consumable Workbooks for Sibling (1 book with CD).

Price: R156.00

ESSENTIAL FRENCH KIT for Grades 1-3. 1 Workbook. Compulsory if ordering Grades 1, 2 or 3 French (Second Language). Order EXTRA for Siblings

Price: R237.91

French Sound Charts for Grades 1-7 (Second Language) (17 CHARTS + 1 Cover Page) FOR 1ST TIME FRENCH LEARNERS

Price: R136.75

French Grades 1-3 Wall Charts KIT (Second Language) (10 Charts)

Price: R400.00

Grade 1 Afrikaans (Second Language) (6 books, including 1 Workbook, Flashcards + Engine Room). Please order additional Workbooks for siblings.

Price: R1,244.98

Grade 1 Afrikaans Second Language - Extra Workbook For Sibling

Price: R159.05

GRADE 1 COMPUTING - NEW from Sept 2017 onwards (3 books, including 1 Teachers Guide + Engine Room) Recommended for students from Grade 1 upwards who are starting to learn to use a computer. This is the first level of a complete six year primary computing course that takes a real-life, project based approach to teaching young learners the vital computing skills they will need for the digital world. Each unit builds a series of skills towards the creation of a final project, with topics ranging from designing your own robot to programming simple games. No prior computer experience necessary.

Price: R2,180.08