"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. " - Joshua 24:15

Core 2 Core Studies

COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 1 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User) (Includes full instructions on Home-Schooling and how to operate L2L + Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R789.10

COMPULSORY Start-Up Kit OPTION 2 (COMPULSORY if you are a first time L2L User - as per OPTION 1, but EXCLUDES Charlotte Mason Companion)

Price: R335.40

CORE 2 BIBLE & CHARACTER (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + CHARACTER KIT (20 x Books + Audio CD + Teacher Manual) + MEMORISATION KIT (6 Books + Teacher Manual + Audio CD) + 2 Christian Biographies.

Price: R1,922.55

CORE 2 BIBLE AND CHARACTER - Extra Set of Workbooks

Price: R290.70

CORE 2 BUSINESS SKILLS (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 1 book.) Engine Room includes Written Work, Narration and Exercises.

Price: R543.52

CORE 2 ENGLISH LITERATURE (Full Year Reading Schedule Included + 15 books) PLEASE NOTE ENGLISH LITERATURE FORMS PART OF BOTH ENGLISH 1ST LANG + CORE 2 HISTORY) Includes biographies, historical novels, classics and award winning literature, together with a workbook to guide you through literature appreciation for selected titles. Order EXTRA WORKBOOKS for siblings.

Price: R2,835.90

Core 2-4 Literature - Extra Workbook for Sibling (1 book)

Price: R235.41

CORE 2 CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS (A One Year Course incorporating Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Logical Thinking. Includes 2x Workbook - Answer Keys included. (Important Course) No Engine Room for this Subject - Work through Material at Own Pace. ORDER PER CHILD!

Price: R939.90

CORE 2 HISTORY (Ancient History) * (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 4 Books + 1 History Software + 1 Set of Timelines). Engine Room includes Internet Links + Hands-On History Activities and Projects + Narration + Written Work + History Map-Work. You will also need Philips Modern School Atlas (Part of Core 2-6 Atlas Kit) OR any up-to-date world atlas to complete this subject

Price: R2,224.41

Core 2 Extra Consumable History Timelines - (One Set of Consumable Timelines supplied Automatically with Core 2 History - Please order additional sets for siblings)

Price: R155.61

CORE 2 GEOGRAPHY (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 4 Books - incl 1 Workbook) Engine Room Includes Hands-On Activities + Geog Experiments + Internet Links + Narration + Written Work). You will also need a world atlas e.g. Philips Modern School Atlas (Part of Core 2-6 Atlas Kit) to complete this subject.

Price: R1,946.53

Core 2 Extra Consumable Geography Workbook - (One Geography Workbook supplied Automatically with Core 2 Geography - Please order additional sets for siblings)

Price: R309.40

CORE 2-6 ATLAS KIT (Used in For Core 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) (2 Atlases - One Excellent World Atlas, One Up-to-Date South African Atlas)

Price: R533.00

SA WALL CHARTS KIT (Includes 6 Laminated Wall Charts with Map of South Africa - Provinces, National Anthem, Public Holidays and their Significance, Languages of SA, National Flag, National Symbols of SA)

Price: R170.18

CORE 2 BIOLOGY (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 2 books) Engine Room includes Hands-On Activities, Nature Walks, Experiments, Narration, Written Work, Internet Links and More.

Price: R1,478.35

CORE 2 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 6 books) Engine Room Includes Experiments + Written Work + Narration)

Price: R1,293.72

Maths, Natural Science and Technology Explanatory Dictionary for Grades 4-7. (1 book). Many of the words and explanations are illustrated to make understanding quicker and easier. The dictionary covers many years of terminology and thus is an aid to revise terminology from previous years which the learner may not have fully grasped, and thereby promotes understanding.

Price: R263.82

CORE 2 HUMAN ANATOMY (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 3 books) Engine Room Includes Internet Links, Written Work, Narration)

Price: R1,190.10

CORE 2 HOME-ECONOMICS (2 x Books - Including Cooking and Sewing - Please Note that a Sewing Machine is required for this course) Education and Life Skill Enhancement and Enrichment Subject - No Engine Room.

Price: R783.91

CORE 2 ART & MUSIC (Full Year Lesson Plans Included + 3 Books - including One Year Practical Art Course + Music Workbook) Engine Room includes Music Appreciation + Art Appreciation + Intro to Major Composers.

Price: R1,106.12

Core 2 Extra Consumable Music Theory Workbook (One workbook automatically supplied with Core 2 Art and Music. Please order additional workbooks for siblings).

Price: R117.01

CORE 2 COMPULSORY TEACHER PACK (1 resource - Timetable, Markbook, Attendance Register etc)

Price: R64.10

+Introduction to Computers - Extra Consumable Workbooks for Sibling - Two workbooks - Order Additional Workbooks for Siblings. DISCONTINUED

Price: R95.78

CORE 1-2 CHESS (1 x Book) A Fun Enrichment Course for beginners - Beneficial for Critical Thinking and Spatial Development . Education and Life Skill Enhancement and Enrichment Subject - No Engine Room.

Price: R318.49

CORE 1-2 ITALIAN - Introduction to Italian - (2 x Books + CD) A Vocabulary Building Book plus pronunciation CD + Additional Vocabulary Building Book of Common Words. Education and Life Skill Enhancement and Enrichment Subject - No Engine Room

Price: R453.70