Content Studies Level 000

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Our FREE Content Studies Level 000 Educator’s Support Pack includes the following:

  • An Engine Room (Daily lesson plans) designed to be completed in its entirety within one year.
  • A proposed Timetable.
  • An overview of the Cognitive Markers for children at this level.
  • The Daily lesson plans cover each of the following subjects:
    • Bible
    • Biology
    • Concepts, Art and Imaginative Play
    • Geography
    • Human Anatomy
    • Literature
    • Poetry
    • Science
    • Technology

(Yes, believe it or not, all of these subjects are available for children at this early development stage!)

  • A list of the prescribed books per above subject, to use along with this Engine Room.
  • Guidance on how to introduce each of the above subjects to your child.

This FREE set of lesson plans is provided to introduce you to and help give you an idea of the beautiful, photo-rich, “living” books we use in our curriculum. Each of the above subjects are available as single modules to purchase from Love2Learn.

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