With Love2Learn you have very limited admin
responsibilities, making space for your creativity!

1. A Daily Companion And NEW Best Friend

– Engine Room (lesson plans) With Every Subject

We have taken headache out of a lesson preparation. Love2Learn offers an ENGINE ROOM (Lesson Plan) for each Subject from Grade 1 level (including some Grade 00 and Grade 0 subjects) right through to Grade 9, so no more late nights designing lesson plans!

We've Planned the lessons for you - Hands-on activities, narration, written output, video and internet activities, science experiments and more! Simply sit down and enjoy discovering together with your children.

Each Subject's Engine Room is designed to cover all of the material we supply for that subject, over a period of 36 weeks (180 days); and you have complete flexibility as regards how you divide up these 36 weeks - terms of incorporating holidays and the like - across your year.

2.  Teach Multiple Grades At Once

- A major plus for Cottage Schools and families with more than one child!

A particular feature of Love2Learn is that its  Content Studies offering (viz. Bible and Character Development, History, Geography, Biology, Science etc.) can be taught to multiple grade levels simultaneously using one  Content Studies of that subject. The output from each child will then be different – naturally you would expect a higher standard of output from the oldest child, scaling down to the youngest.

3. Easy And Effective Assessment

- Narration supports ongoing assessment

Under Child Centred Education, we explained the advantage to children of using Narration as a means of Assessment because it helps build into children the habit of paying attention. But Narration has a dual benefit which also helps you as the educator.

Narration is a tool that helps you conduct ongoing evaluation and assessment.

After each lesson, our Engine Room prompts you to ask your child to recount their understanding of the material covered in that lesson. You are then able to immediately gauge their level of understanding. Contrast this with giving them a cycle-test or exam in 3 weeks’ time; only to then discover that they did not understand the material you covered in today’s lesson!

4. Cost Saving Through Amortisation

- Subject and resource sharing

Another VERY attractive feature of Love2Learn’s offering is the fact that if you are educating more than one child/student in the same Grade level, you are able to significantly amortise your costs and save because you need order the main subject itself once only for one child; and then add just the “Extra Consumable Workbooks” for that subject (if applicable) for the 2nd and even the 3rd student.

This amortisation goes further, because the following year – as either his younger sibling (in homeschooling) or the students in the previous Grade level (in Cottage Schooling) move up to the next Grade, e.g. Grade 2 moves up to Grade 3 – given that you still have all the “non- consumable” book(s) from the previous years’ Grade 3 child/students, you need order just the “Extra Consumable Workbooks” for the new Grade 3 child/students.

But wait, there’s more - (lol)… This amortisation goes EVEN further… if a subject comprises only “non-consumable” book(s) in its entirety, then you do not need to reorder that subject again, as younger siblings / new students can simply share these non-consumable books.