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What are my rights in terms of the law as far as homeschooling my children is concerned? And what do I need to do in order to remove them from school?

Each country has its own laws and regulations that govern homeschooling. We would recommend that you contact the Home-Schooling Legal Defence Association in your country in order to get clarity on what these are. In South Africa, you can contact the Pestalozzi Trust in this regard, on +27 12 330 1337, or visit their web site at http://www.pestalozzi.org.
Love2Learn does not purport to be experts in legalities, nor to offer legal advice; however broadly speaking in terms of the Constitution of South Africa and the Education Act that governs schooling in our country, home-schooling is fully recognized and 100% legal, subject to certain criteria, which are listed below. Love2Learn does not require that you have to register with the Department of Education before we will sell you any part of our Curriculum. The choice is yours. It is your legal, constitutional right to homeschool; and very broadly speaking, the Department of Education can essentially only deny this right on the following grounds:

  1. If you, being the designated teacher or tutor, are illiterate.
  2. If anything clandestine is happening in your home (e.g. drugs, alcohol abuse, child abuse etc.) and/or if the environment in which you are homeschooling is not suitable for learning – e.g. if your husband runs an engineering business from the room next door and your children’s teeth are too busy rattling for them to be able to concentrate! (Then either he moves or you mopve your homeschool)
  3. If you are homeschooling with a view to inculcate some other form of governance such as Apartheid or Communism into your children.

Again, we reiterate that the decision to/not to register, rests with you, the parent and NOT Love2Learn Curriculum. We would encourage you to seek advice before making your decision.

In regard to removing your children from school – there is no hard and fast answer to this, save to say that a school may not interfere directly with your decision. At best they may require you to sign a “release form”, which states that due to the fact that your child is no longer under their “jurisdiction” from an education point of view, you release them - with immediate effect - from the obligation of having to educate your child. This we believe is quite justifiable; and given that you are going to be the person responsible, you should have no qualms with signing such a form.

What is Love2Learn's free Bridging Programme?

Our Bridging Programme is supplied free-of-charge as a courtesy, to help to tide you over - and MAKE THE WAITING FUN while you wait for your Love2Learn order to arrive! We dispatch the Bridging Course via email only. The material covered in the Bridging Course, while constituting valuable learning, is not the same as that covered in your Love2Learn Core Curriculum. It is not supplied with an Engine Room or teacher guidelines, but is designed as a scheme of work to be covered for each subject per week over the 8-week period whilst you wait for your order to be ready. It requires you to obtain books from the library or surf the Internet; and to develop your own lesson plans around these books, until such time as your Love2Learn Order is ready for delivery. It does not replace or attempt to replace Love2Learn Curriculum. It is designed to be a tool to assist you in the transition period from “school” to “homeschool” and to provide you with themes of study while you await the arrival of your Love2Learn Order. In essence it also means that you as a family will not have to spend weeks staring at each other across the dining room table, whilst you await the arrival of your Love2Learn Curriculum resources.

Is there a cut off date for orders for any given year?

For Grade 00 - Grade 9 students, Love2Learn will accept orders at any time of the year, right throughout every academic year.
Because we import a large number of our resources, we work on an eight week lead time for fulfillment of an order, ready for dispatch (and subject to books and resources being in print). We would recommend that in order for you to receive your order by early-December, and in turn be in a position to start in mid-January, you should place your order by early-October at the latest.

Students who are wanting to study IGCSE (Grades 10 and 11) and AS-Levels (Grade 12) - both are completed over 18 month - need to be cognoscente that Love2Learn offers two intakes per year - viz. January and June. This aligns with Cambridge's two exam-sitting opportunities per year (May/June and Oct/Nov) for most of their subjects; so families will need to time their ordering and preparation accordingly. To this end then, orders need to be placed ideally by no later than early- to mid-November in order to qualify for the January intake; and early- to mid-April for the the mid-year intake. 
However, over the Christmas/New Year Festive season we have a cut off date around 10 December due to the fact that our offices close and re-open the second week of January. (Please contact our office to confirm our cut-off date for any given year).

Is it possible to order only part of Love2Learn and not the entire Curriculum?

Certainly! Love2Learn Curriculum offers a substantially broader, richer and more varied curriculum in regard to its extended Core Subjects and Disciplined Studies with a wider subject range when compared with mainstream schooling. You have the flexibility to purchase a single subject or as many subjects as you wish, for any given academic year. Please note that unlike our extended Core Subjects and Disciplined Studies, our Core Packages are not divisible and need to be purchased as a single unit. You still have the flexibility to add any number of Disciplined Studies to your Core Package, if you so desire.

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  • "I love using your books in my home school group. I would recommend it to any one!"
    Michelle F. (Zimbabwe)
  • "We have been using (Curriculum X from America) for a number of years … and I really was not sure how Love2Learn would compare. I think that you do have a world class product… thank you for a well thought out, well prepared, easy to use curriculum in which you can see and feel the hand of God at work."
    Bron (W. Cape, SA)
  • "…(our son) is absolutely thriving on Love2Learn… The discipline and yet freedom this curriculum brings is so suited to (us)… the lessons are set out in such a way that he is managing well and so keen to keep moving forward. Thank you Love2Learn team for such an amazing foundation - I just wish that every parent could homeschool the Love2Learn way!"
    Des (S.W. Cape, SA)
  • "Our homeschooling journey is a tremendous blessing to us as a family and as individuals. I cannot describe in words how much it has done for us. Thank you for your faith, dedication, and hard work, for Almighty God to have such impact within families. We are so grateful and thankful for this opportunity!"
    Noéla (Windhoek, Namibia)
  • "My application was only 3 weeks in, after which Sally came out to check up on everything. She has been doing this for 20 odd years and according to her, she has never seen such a comprehensive curriculum. They normally only give you 1 year exemption, but in my case, she gave me 2 years. She was so impressed with what I had to show her."
    Lindie (Adelaide, S. Australia)