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Is it a problem if we live outside of South Africa, or could I home-school anywhere in the world using Love2Learn?

Not at all. We currently have clients in over 25 countries across the globe. The one thing that you do need to be cognoscente of though, is then setting aside a sizeable budget for courier costs. It will be ideal if you have family or business colleagues who can bring the resources across to you when they visit; alternatively if you plan your order with sufficient lead-time, you can sea-freight is across, which is MUCH more affordable.

Would my children need a computer, or would one home computer be sufficient?

Love2Learn Curriculum does incorporate some software in most of the Grades and some of the Cores, but Love2Learn's Grades 00 - 9 per se, do not rely on software. A computer per child is certainly not essential – they can get along quite fine if they need to share. Please note however that should you wish to proceed with our online support for Grades 10-12 via Imperial International College (www.iic-online.com), access to a computer and the Internet, is essential

How do I teach Grade 1, 2 and 3 children the same material all at the same time?

Firstly, in order to promote a one-room schoolhouse environment, where you don't have to rush off to three different curriculum files for three different grades, we prescribe one set of material for three levels.

The difference between each level rests upon two factors:
a) How much the child absorbs and understands the material
b) How much the child is able to DO with the information learned: (e.g. Analysis, Synthesis, Comparison, Short Essay Writing etc.)

Expanding this concept then... 
The Grade 1 child will interact with the material at his Grade 1 level, the Grade 2 will absorb more of it and the Grade 3 will be able to absorb it, draw parallels, analyse it and re-synthesize the material in his own mind and own words. Secondly, the output expected from a Grade 1 is much simpler than that required from a Grade 3. A Grade 1 should simply draw a picture of what they have learned. (Half way through the Grade 1 year they can begin writing a suitable heading for their picture, using the phonics learned).

The Grade 2 child will write a heading for the picture right from the beginning of the year and will begin labelling the drawing... (e.g. parts of a plant, the apparatus required for a science experiment etc). The Grade 2 will work up to writing three to four sentences about their piece of work, by mid year.

The Grade 3 child will begin writing one or two sentences at the beginning of the year (this is if they are new to Love2Learn and not accustomed to writing three to four sentences.) By the end of the first term of Grade 3, he should write at least two sentences if not more. By mid-year he should work up to four sentences, and by the end of Grade 3, he should be very comfortable writing at least half a page of hisown notes. (Not dictated by you! It is a written version of Narration).

How hard is it to teach using Love2Learn Curriculum?

In principle, homeschooling children in the lower Grades and Cores requires a significant amount of input (in terms of time and attention) from a parent; however, in keeping with what research studies have shown, there is a tendency for children (and in particular homeschooled children) to become more independent as they get older and they are thus able to a large extent, to homeschool themselves. This is further assisted through what we at Love2Learn call our Engine Rooms (lesson plans). An Engine Room has been designed for virtually every subject from Grade 1 Discipline Studies and Core 1 Studies upwards. In addition, three subjects in Core 0, viz. History, Geography and Science also come standard with Engine Rooms. The Engine Room essentially guides you as a parent / or a tutor through virtually every page of every book, for every lesson, for every subject, for every day for 36 schooling weeks of the year (180 schooling days). In addition, it includes guidelines and suggestions for activities that cater to the needs of Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learners for every day (not that you should ever try do all of them together of course!) The Department of Education requires that you complete 190 days per year. We have left 10 days in the year (less than 1 day per month) for you to go on outings, excursions etc. (With respect though, the work you cover in 180 days is significantly more than what is covered in 190 days in a mainstream school). If you consult our Price List on our Website, it indicates which subjects incorporate an Engine Room. We supply you with all the resources for these subjects; so all you need to add is working paper, pens, pencils, kokis, crayons, tea, coffee and LOTS OF LOVE!

What is your lead-time… if I order today, will I be able to start home-schooling using Love2Learn resources by next month?

Please remember that as adults, we generally all have a 12 year degree in "how to do school"; and we imagine that if we don’t start on 15 January and finish our schooling year on 4 December, our children will be mentally scarred for life! The reality is that homeschooling is a different “animal” and we encourage families to look upon homeschooling as first and foremost the discipleship of their children with a view to preparing them for life – that’s University and beyond. It is not so much about importing the classroom into the home, but rather more about putting the home back into their schooling, without compromising in terms of standard, quality, diligence, regularity and commitment. Notwithstanding this, we fully appreciate the eagerness of families to obtain their books as soon as possible after order, and we certainly do strive to supply books in as short a time as possible. However, sometimes publishers are out of stock, books are in reprint and some resources that make up your order can be unavoidably delayed. (These delayed resources will not interfere with being able to start your homeschooling.) Please allow approximately 8 weeks from the time you pay for collation of your order, ready for delivery. (We will obviously do all we can to deliver in less time!) If your order process period falls over Christmas/New Year, then please note that as a rsult of our as well as many of our publishers' holiday closure during this time, this will result in further delays which are beyond our control. Consequently please factor this into your scheduling.

Ultimately, the first time that you order from Love2Learn will be the only time that you will have to experience this waiting period; as you can simply factor this lead-time into all of your future orders.

Once your order has been received and processed, Love2Learn will supply you with an 8-week Bridging Course. This course is supplied electronically via e-mail and is free-of-charge - as a courtesy - to help make the waiting FUN, while you wait for your Love2Learn Curriculum to arrive! The material covered in the Bridging Course, while constituting valuable learning, is not the same as that covered in your Love2Learn Curriculum. It is not supplied with an Engine Room or teacher guidelines, but is designed as a scheme of work to be covered for each subject per week, over an eight week period. It requires you to obtain books from the library or information on the Internet and to develop your own lesson plans around this material, until such time as your Love2Learn Order is ready for delivery. It does not replace or attempt to replace Love2Learn Curriculum. Again, it is designed to be a tool to assist you in the transition period from “school” to “homeschool”; and to provide you with FUN themes of study while you await the arrival of your Love2Learn Order.

When is the latest date a learner can register to do a school leaving certificate through Love2Learn?

We do not have a cut-off date for starting Love2Learn's Grade 00 - Grade 9; however students who are wanting to study and prepare to write the British Grades 10 - 12 Levels need to be cognoscente that through Imperial International College (I.I.C. - www.iic-online.com) which is a division of Love2Learn, we offer two intakes per year - viz. January and July. This aligns with the British Institution's two exam-sitting opportunities per year (May/June and Oct/Nov) for most of their subjects; so families will need to time their ordering and preparation accordingly. To this end then, orders need to be placed ideally by no later than early- to mid-October in order to qualify for the January intake; and early- to mid-April for the the mid-year (July) intake. 

Where can Love2Learn Grades 10/11 and Grade 12 Level students write examinations?

Imperial International College (I.I.C.) - Online Education for High School (formerly iLove2LearnOnline), is a division of Love2Learn, which offers support for independent students wishing to prepare for and write the British Grades 10 -12 Level Examinations - via an online platform. Please note that Imperial International College is not a registered Cambridge Centre.
Love2Learn and I.I.C. have an association with International Pre-University College(IPC) in Randburg, Johannesburg; and our students are able to write these exams there. Alternatively students can contact registered Cambridge Examination Centres in their area, or their nearest British Council - anywhere in the world - and register for examinations. When a student registers with I.I.C. for a Grade 10/11 or Grade 12 subject, not only do they receive all the study material (most of which is presented in full colour), but they also have access to support from our part-time Tutors for each of their subjects. This tutor-support is via e-mail, telephone and MyCollege online platform. We have a 24hr to 48hr response time to any question. We assist the home-schooling family in grooming the student for the final examination by offering a number of tests, assessments and mock exams across the range of subjects we cover. These Assessments and mock-exams are available via I.I.C. and are written in the comfort of the student’s home, (under exam conditions of course.) Student's then submit their completed assessments via the I.I.C online platform, which are then marked by our tutors, who then resubmit to the student via the same platform. Seventy two tests are written over 18 months for he Grade 10/11 combined Level, honing exam technique, and teaching students to present their answers the in line with the Briotish institutions way. We protect the autonomy and freedom of the homeschool on the one hand, but offer every assistance and support to the student to succeed and achieve well in these examinations, on the other. For more information on our Grade 10 - 12 offering, go to Imperial International College - Online Education for High School.

How much parental involvement is required with Love2Learn?

In the lower Grades and Cores there is a significant amount required; however, in keeping with what research studies have shown, there is a tendency for children (especially homeschooled children) to become more independent as they get older and they are thus able to a large extent, to homeschool themselves. This is further assisted through our Engine Rooms (lesson plans) which come with most subjects from Grade 1 upwards; and these essentially guide a parent through virtually each page of each book, for each subject for each lesson, for each day for 36 schooling weeks (180 schooling days) of the year. If you consult our Price List, it indicates which subjects incorporate an Engine Room as standard.

To what extent does a student need to use a computer in this programme?

There is software prescribed at virtually every level up until Grade 8 for Maths and English (and Afrikaans Eerste Taal). We generally pitch our software at one Grade level higher than the year of the child, because children love to play on the computer and this allows them to get a feel for aspects of the coming year. We have purposefully not over-crowded our Curriculum with software as we do not see a software-driven curriculum as being able to offer a living education in the same way that books can. If you do not have a PC at home, this will not preclude you from being able to homeschool using Love2Learn Curriculum.

How many hours a day do they spend with the work and how do the hours increase as they age. And do they have to spend everyday working?

When children are at a Grade 00 level, we recommend that to a large extent they be allowed in a sense to dictate their commitment and hours. In principle, they’re small and need to PLAY! They do not need to be strapped to a desk somewhere churning out worksheets! When one gets to our Grade 0 / Grade 1 and Core 0 offering, you would be homeschooling for approximately 3+ hours per day; and this will increase steadily to approx. 5 hours per day in upper primary/lower high school extending up to 7 hours per day in the Upper High School – Grades 10 – 12 Levels). Please remember that there is little to no home-work. Homeschooling for us is first and foremost the discipleship of our children to prepare them for life; and we would strongly urge you to always approach it with diligence, commitment and regularity!


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  • "My application was only 3 weeks in, after which Sally came out to check up on everything. She has been doing this for 20 odd years and according to her, she has never seen such a comprehensive curriculum. They normally only give you 1 year exemption, but in my case, she gave me 2 years. She was so impressed with what I had to show her."
    Lindie (Adelaide, S. Australia)
  • "We received our books yesterday and am blown away by the quality resources you have been able to supply. My daughter is on camp right now but I cannot wait to show her the treasures that await!"
    Melody (W. Cape, SA)
  • "We are truly loving your Love2Learn Curriculum and are often in touch with families who are starting to home school in our area... and feel very confident in promoting your educational style of learning. It has transformed our family and the way we learn and we feel extremely blessed."
    Tarryn (Harare, Zimbabwe)
  • "Our homeschooling journey is a tremendous blessing to us as a family and as individuals. I cannot describe in words how much it has done for us. Thank you for your faith, dedication, and hard work, for Almighty God to have such impact within families. We are so grateful and thankful for this opportunity!"
    Noéla (Windhoek, Namibia)
  • "(My daughter) received her IGCSE results… She took 7 subjects, 5 of them using Love2Learn. We are delighted with her marks. For the subjects she did through Love2Learn, she got 3x A's & 2x A*."
    Jenny (Lusaka, Zambia)