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Do you offer any form of examining for the purpose of the Department of Education at the end of each school phase - grade 3, 6 and 9?

The DoE requires that a child be formally assessed by an independent assessor at the end of each of these phases. This can be performed by any SETA registered teacher or your local school.

Does Love2Learn Curriculum have any compulsory testing and exams?

Although there are prescribed revision tests in some of the resources for various subjects throughout the Curriculum, there are no compulsory tests or exams up to the end of Grade 9.
From Grades 10/11 combined level onwards, through Imperial International College - Online Education for High School (a division of Love2Learn), we offer an extensive range of assessments and past papers to ensure a thorough preparation - both as regards subject comprehension, as well as invaluable exam technique - for the British examinations. For more on this please visit www.iic-online.com.
The perceived "need for exams" is largely a throw-back to our 12 year degree in "how to do school"...
Aside from the cycle and revision testing, schools traditionally conduct a mid-year and end-of-year exam sitting - mid-year exams, so that they can determine what areas they need to "patch"; and end-of-year exams, so that they can determine if student's know enough to move up to the next grade level.
This begs the question: "Why doesn't a teacher know what his student know and don't know?" The reality is, it's virtually impossible for one person to know what 20, 30, 40 (and in some schools) 50+ students in a class all know and don't know. In contrast, in a homeschooling environment, where you the parent are one on perhaps a maximum of a handful of children, you know what your children know and don't know, because you are with them all the time as you homeschool together. In keeping with Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy - there is a chance for narration (verbal or written) - after every lesson, which is your chance for ongoing summative assessment.

If one does not do tests or send things in to Love2Learn for marking, how does one know if one’s child is progressing right?

  • Within Love2Learn Curriculum, there is class work to be done for all the Core subjects in the form of weekly essays. You as the teacher having taught this material will easily see whether your child has grasped the material or not .
  • In terms of our Disciplined Studies, e.g. English, there are weekly spelling tests, dictation tests, comprehension tests and writing assignments, all of which give you a very good indication as to whether your child is grasping the material; and therefore able to move on.
  • Our PR1ME Mathematics for Grades 1 - 6, includes the option to order the "Practice Tests", which may be spread across the year.
  • In terms of all the subjects that are required for the National Curriculum (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences etc.), there are tests at the end of many of the modules.
  • At a lower High School level (Grade 8 – 9), answers to tests are provided in the form of a Teacher’s Guide for Maths, English and Afrikaans.
  • At an Upper High School level (Grades 10 – 12), your child completes and submits approximately 72 assessments at Grade 10/11 (combined Level), which are marked by our part-time tutors and returned together with memorandums where applicable. Please visit our Imperial International College website at www.iic-online for more in this regard.

Is there any backup and grading done by Love2Learn?

Absolutely, backup exists in the form of telephone support in the lower grades. Tests are prescribed, and the answers to these are supplied as from the final year of primary school. Up until that point, most parents with their education are able to mark all work without any problem. However, when it comes to high school, we recognise that it may be stressful for parents to assume the responsibility for grading papers. So, as from Grade 10 upwards, through Imperial International College - Online Education for High School www.iic-online.com (a division of Love2Learn), we offer telephonic, e-mail and online Tutor support for your child; and they will receive a reply from their tutor within 24-48 hours maximum. Furthermore, it is so important for homeschooled children writing an external examination, to be extremely confident and comfortable with an external exam situation. To this end, we seek to prepare our Grades 10 - 12 Level students as thoroughly as possible. They complete up to 72 (for Gr10/11) and up to 36 (for Gr12 Level) externally marked assessments and past papers, before we let them loose in an exam room. This is done via IIC and, in the freedom of your own home, without anyone breathing down their necks. We seek to accomplish two things here: we want to give our Love2Learn and Imperial International College students maximum support and excellent preparation while at the same time protecting the freedom and autonomy of your homeschool.

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  • "I was so impressed with the material that arrived on Monday that I decided to order more straight away! The books are beautiful and I think that my son is going to enjoy them very much...Thanks for the excellent service!"
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  • "It's too wonderful to watch my children learning and making progress.  My boys  are excited to learn and are doing well. My youngest son is half way though grade 1 and has finished his reading for his grade for the year already."
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  • "We have been using your curriculum throughout our 7 years of  homeschooling and have enjoyed every bit of it. The course is comprehensive and well sourced. We just received next year’s books and are always so excited to see what we have next!"
    Cheryll (Perth, W. Australia)
  • "Although I had removed my 9 year old last year from the international school on site, I tried patiently to help my 7 year old adjust to the school for the year, but decided to remove him also. There was something about the tone of the school and the way the children would play and interact with each other. Only after reading your book did I realise what the real issue was! There was little to no respect for the Lord and that each child is a unique person created by our Lord and thus each child, whether they are intelligent, athletic or have learning problems, deserves love and respect and to be treated with dignity as a creation of the Lord.We are Christians and have a regular family Bible study together. Your book has helped me to see that the most important thing to teach my children is love for our Lord and the Word! All other learning will come from that base! Seeing home-schooling in this new light has totally changed my focus. The boys are doing brilliantly (in my view). My 7-yr old is still adjusting but it is working well. My children have a spring in their step again. They tell their Dad about what we read about Jesus that morning and how they learned from it. Then they will go on to show their Dad how they have done 'their best work' that day or something new that they learnt (often from picking up a book and reading it themselves- they can't leave these books alone!!). I am so glad that you listened to the Lord's calling re bringing school to the home and how to do it and that the MAIN focus of our lives, including within schooling, is our Lord, Jesus Christ."
    Marie (Zambia)