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What do I do with a public holiday? Do I insert the missed day so that Friday falls off the edge, and then Friday is always a week behind in the Engine Room (lesson plans)?

The minimum number of homeschooling weeks you are required to complete by law is 38 (190 days). Each subject that we offer is designed to be completed in a period of 36 weeks (180 days). This leaves 10 days (less than one per month) for an outing, excursion etc. However, many homeschoolers do 40 weeks or more. This means that you can carry over public holidays, days when your children are ill, days when you decide to go on an educational outing etc. This allows you the flexibility. Allow us to share with you some of our own personal experience gained through homeschooling for more than a decade... For us… flexibility = life and joy and rigidity = burnout in a homeschooling context. We consider the 36 weeks as rungs of a stepladder. Each time we complete a week's worth of work we have climbed another step of the ladder. However, it isn't necessary to complete each week's worth of work on a Friday! We can complete it on a Tuesday or Wednesday for example. If you consider the weeks simply a gauge of where you are in the curriculum and how much further you have to go before you have completed a year's worth of work, you will find it far easier and far less stressful! Alternatively, there are families who choose to double-up their work each time there is a public holiday. But this means they have to do school all day to catch up the missed day, and finish at 5pm, or they do school over the weekend. (Personally, we feel this is over the top, as the work covered in our curriculum is significantly ahead of what is required anyway. The objective is that our children "love to learn"!)