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To what extent is Love2Learn Curriculum available in Afrikaans?

Many of our Love2Learn families are Afrikaans speaking. Ivana Ries originally wrote Love2Learn in English. When it became apparent that many South African families wanted an Afrikaans version, she set about trying to replace all the English books with the Afrikaans equivalents. Firstly, we begin a careful search for a replacement title. The new, replacement book is subjected to much scrutiny! It must pass our test of being a “living book” – that is a book that makes you WANT to turn the page and that excites the imagination! If it passes this test, we know there is a good chance you and your children will love it. But this is not enough. It is then examined to ensure that it fits the scope-and-sequence of the affected subject. Next, as a minimum, it has to meet CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) requirements. We examine the typeface and layout of the book and ensure that it is age-appropriate. We also endeavour to weigh the book against the Word of God as given to us in the Bible. These are just a few of a whole host of other criteria that the new title has to meet. It is not a simple case of substituting ANY title! We take much love and care in selecting excellent material for our curriculum… and just as a chef lovingly selects the best ingredients for his recipe, and a good meal takes time to prepare, so the perfect substitute title may take a while to find!
When it comes to finding good English replacement books, there is no shortage; but unfortunately the same does not apply to Afrikaans books. There are many Afrikaans books, but not all of them pass the test and evaluation criteria described above. When Ivana put together Love2Learn Curriculum's Afrikaans curriculum offering, she decided not to compromise on this.
As an example, if a subject prescribes five English books (in the English Curriculum) and we could find only one or two or possibly even three good, “living” Afrikaans books to put in their place - we did just that - and have kept the balance of the books in English. Most of the English books do not have the exact Afrikaans translation. Our Afrikaans offering is thus a combination of some subjects that are
1. “Volledig Afrikaans” e.g. Afrikaans Eerste Taal, Wiskunde en Lees;
2. Some subjects that are a combination of Afrikaans and English resources, e.g. as already mentioned, a subject may be made up of five books – two of which are English and three Afrikaans etc. - this detail is included in the Subject's description on the Afrikaans Price List; and finally...
3. Certain subjects may be entirely English due to the fact that we have not been able to find suitable Afrikaans replacements for our English titles.

We offer Afrikaans Engine Room (lesson plans) for the Afrikaans Huistaal (Grades 1 - 9) Curriculum, but for other subjects, the Engine Rooms are still in English. We do also cover this as part of our Terms and Conditions. For reference, here is the extract:
Note to Afrikaans Love2Learn Users: Please note that certain subjects in each “Kern” contain a combination of both Afrikaans and English titles; and that the Engine Room currently refers to the English titles. Some of the English books referred to in the English Engine Room have been removed and replaced with Afrikaans titles. Page numbers in the Engine Room correlate with all the English Titles only. All Engine Rooms, unless otherwise stipulated, are currently only available in English. Our website order Price List carries a subject description to guide parents in the make-up of each of the Afrikaans subjects offered. In regard to how to incorporate and schedule those Afrikaans books that are not included in the Engine Room, we would suggest that you take the number of pages in that book and divide it by the number of weeks you have in your Engine Room for that subject and then cover that many pages in that specific book, once a week during that subject.

Our Graad Studies for Afrikaans Eerste Taal are offered right through to Graad 9.
Our Graad Studies for Wiskunde are offered up to Graad 7, but then for Grades 8 and 9, we offer only Mathematics in English, as we believe that we can no longer delay preparing students for the British Grade 10/11 Level and Grade 12 Level, which offers only Mathematics in English.

Further, due to lack of demand, Love2Learn has discontinued its Afrikaans Kern offerings for Kern 3 - Kern 6. Please refer Core 3 - Core 6 or our Core Packages for alternative curriculum options. 
One more important factor to bear in mind is that Love2Learn eventually culminates in British Grades 10/11 and Grade 12 Level, the latter of which are recognised by every Public University in South Africa. All these subjects (aside from Afrikaans of course) need to be written in English. Consequently, if you plan to homeschool right through to Grade 12, then at some point you will need to make the switch to English in order to give your children adequate time to prepare and be comfortable, learning in English.
We are not a Cambridge Centre, but for more on our offering for the last three years of high school, please visit our other division - Imperial International College - Online Education for High School at www.iic-online.com