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How To Do An Autopsy on your 2020 Homeschooling Year

FIVE simple and practical steps to help you as you conduct your “autopsy” into the success of your 2020 Homeschooling year.

Love2Learn’s NEW English Curriculum – Literacy At Its Very Best!

As a result of many Scholastic resources going out of print in our English offering for Grades 1 through 9, Love2Learn has redesigned its English First Language offering - and, even if we say so ourselves, it is SUPERB! In addition to certain changes which are...

Learning Styles – why are they important to your child?

A simple definition of a Learning Style is the way a person (in this case your child) takes in, understands, expresses and remembers information. There are as many as eight Learning Styles, but I want to highlight what I believe are the three principle ones:  ...

Transform An Educational Emergency Into An Emergence.

Education In Crisis It's no secret that education in South Africa was in poor health long before the COVID-19 virus raised it's prickly little face. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education year in South Africa is bordering on terminal...! Schools have already...

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