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Homeschooling through High school + Life-long passion for learning

Parents often admit to the joy they've had homeschooling their children through primary school, but feel daunted at the thought of homeschooling them through high-school. Questions like, "How will we ever get through Matric? What about little things like the Matric dance? And, What about sport?" plague their thoughts.
One thing to remember is that homeschooling doesn't miraculously change the moment our children leave primary school after Grade 7 and enter high-school for Grade 8! Homeschooling is a blessing all the way through primary school; and it remains so through high-school.

In fact, the high-school years are, we believe, quite possibly the most vital years when you should be homeschooling! Here are some reasons why:

1. There is peer pressure to consider. There are not many teens that are mature enough at the age of 13 to withstand constant peer pressure! Our children’s identity can so easily become wrapped up in their peer group. They want to be one part of the “in” crowd. And the wave of peer pressure that our children who are coming out of a Christian homeschool environment encounter when entering a high-school - even a Christian high- school! - can be absolutely overwhelming!

2. There is the blessing of family relationships. You have worked so hard over the years to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime. Home-schooling is a ministry of discipleship – period! That discipleship does not evaporate in high school! It’s the very time our discipleship of our children should be stepping up a gear! Healthy relationships result in confident children. If you place your child in the local high-school, you will be separated for seven or more hours a day. You may not notice it at first, but little by little, changes to the way your son or daughter behaves, will appear. The family relationship becomes eroded – just a little at a time. Remember that you are more than a parent; you are your child’s mentor! As our children enter their teens, the friends they choose can have an enormous impact. You can help them to choose wisely.

3. You have provided an excellent foundation academically to this point. One-on-one interaction has been so effective. A high-school dilutes this approximately thirty-fold! There is so much wasted time at school - between assemblies, sports meetings and more - that almost 60% of the school day is given to interruptions and not to academics. If you have a child that is a whiz at science, you are able to tailor the learning and the curriculum to suit their needs. In fact, Cambridge offers far more flexibility in this regard than does the South African Matric! It is not news to many of us that homeschooled children can matriculate early. If you have a child in this category, placing them in the high-school will merely stifle their progress.

4. Your love and support is always present. Will any high school support your child the way you do?

5. What about important life-skills? This is the time you can train and instruct in such a critical area. If you run a business from home, your children can begin to get involved. What an awesome life-skill you will be passing on. Also, the moment you place your children in school you lose all the flexibility that comes with a homeschooling life-style! If you are used to this life-style, the rigid, inflexible schedule could come as a nasty shock to everyone. You may think that learning to adapt to a rigid schedule is important, after all, your child’s boss won’t take kindly to them arriving at work at 10am! However, this can be achieved in so many other, more positive ways than the high-school environment!

6. The news has repeatedly featured articles on the death of children through drugs, bullying and violence at schools. The crisis is getting worse and not just in South Africa! There is still no place like home, and it is a safer option than any school!

7. Finally, there is the issue of faith. Hebrews 11.1 tells us, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.” God’s Word also tells us in Hebrews 1:6, “And without faith it is impossible to please God.” Has God let you down thus far? Is He likely to let you down when you homeschool through High School? Enough said.

International GCSE (Grades 10 & 11), AS-Levels (Grade 12) and University Entrance

Imperial International College - Online Education for High School, is a separate division of Love2Learn.
Through I.I.C., we offer you as a homeschooler the opportunity to earn an accredited, internationally recognised school-leaving qualification - from the comfort of your own home - via our online learning platform. Not only is it accepted by ALL public universities in South Africa, but it is also recognised internationally as being one of the premier school-leaving qualifications available today!

For all the information you will need in this regard, please visit our Imperial International College website.

Suffice for now - and as a broad introduction and overview - the structure of the last three years of high school, using the British system, is explained below.


International GCSE (Grades 10 - 11) is an 18 month course, at the end of which a student writes the internationally acclaimed International GCSE Examination. This is however, not the end of the high-school road. If your child intends registering with a South African College or University, they will require a higher qualification than International GCSE, viz. AS-Levels (Grade 12).


Also covered over 18 months, and which follows Int. GCSE. It covers Grade 12/Matric.

Alternatively after completing Int. GCSE, instead of completing AS-Levels one can proceed directly to:


A two-year course commenced after Completing Int. GCSE; and which covers Grades 12 and 13 (Matric + Post-Matric year – roughly equivalent to first year university in South Africa.)
Imperial International College does not currently offer any subjects to a full A-Level, but is investigating the option.

Instilling in Our Children, a Life-Long Love for Learning

For the majority of adults, looking back on their schooling, learning was a drag! More often than not, getting through school was more about cramming at the last minute and "spotting" aspects of the syllabus - with a goal of simply passing the tests and exams - than it was about learning. How many of us - when a test was looming - weren't quick to ask the teacher, "Sir, do we have to know all these chapters for the test, or can we leave out some pages?" Now, as an adult, I can't help thinking, "Why wouldn't I want to know everything in all the chapters?"

The net result of this is that many of us spent 12 years learning how to play the "pass the test" game, rather than truly getting an education.

Many times when we interact with parents who are seeking guidance and advice in regard to starting homeschooling, they make comments like, " I don't want to order "History", because I hated it at school". This is sad for a number of reasons:

1. Almost invariably this sentiment is brought on as a result of having encountered a less than enthusiastic teacher of this subject, or they've had an unpleasant experience with a teacher of this subject, somewhere along the line in their school education; and the result was an intense dislike for this subject, forever and a day!

2. They've forgotten that they are not the focus, their children are; and they cannot accurately preempt which subjects their children will enjoy and which they won't.

3. A subject like History is possibly one of THE most significant subjects - why do we say this? Well, have you ever considered that virtually every single thing that you experience today - viz. fashion, motoring, aviation, technology, government and so on and so forth - is as a result of something that has happened at some point in time in history!?
Kinda sheds a whole new light on the subject, doesn't it? (pardon the pun!)

Love2Learn aims to instill in children, a life-long love for learning; consequently, we go to extreme lengths to source and incorporate "living" books - many of which are full-colour - the kind of books that cause children to beg, "Please Mom, can't we do just one more page...?"