A better education for a better future

Children are born to learn, and YOU can give yours the advantage as they do.

So there you were at home with your children during the lockdown, homeschooling (or more precisely, quarantine schooling). You may have considered homeschooling before, or completely avoided it as an option, and now it’s become a new part of your routine.

The school started sending lessons and homework. You got up close and personal with your child’s learning journey and…

Well…it’s been a little disappointing, hasn’t it?

Are you shocked, frustrated? Perhaps more than a little disillusioned – what exactly have you been paying all these fees for? And, does your child really understand and know how to apply what he’s been learning?

How does your child feel about it all? Is this yet another challenge to an already pressured season in his life?

There is no wrong response. No matter what school or town you’re in, the lockdown has brought difficulty to everyone.

Maybe you even tried watching the lesson online with your child to try to help. But despite the teacher’s noble efforts, your child is struggling.

And so are you. The endless concerns just add more questions than answers.

But what happened when you took your child’s work and tried to help him yourself? Did he respond to the quality time with you and the one-on-one attention? Were you able to find another approach to explaining a concept that worked for him? Not too surprising if you could; after all, no one knows your child like you do.

Maybe you didn’t manage to figure it out the first time… but trying again counts as a lesson in itself!

After a while, you and your child finished the work faster and more easily than doing it the “school way”.

Congratulations and welcome to the flexibility of homeschooling! Just one of MANY benefits you and your child have to look forward to.

Imagine if you could continue this way.

The confidence that comes with knowing:

  • what your child is learning,
  • how they learn best, and
  • that you and your child can control the pace,

    is a major education changer.

I have seen what an amazing difference the living books have made and how my daughter has started loving reading because of these books. Thank you all at the Love2Learn team, our first year is almost over and I’ve seen such a huge change in my children. Thanks to Love2Learn, it made homeschooling so much easier than I ever imagined it would be.

Ansia (Johannesburg, SA)

and discover for yourself why and how homeschooling
offers your child a better education for a better future