Love2Learn Engine Rooms

(Daily Lesson Plans)



Quite simply put, we have taken the headache out of lesson preparation! Love2Learn offers an Engine Room (daily lesson plan) for each subject from Discipline Studies Grade 1 (including some Grade 00 and Grade 0 subjects) right through to Grade 9; and Content Studies Level 000 – 9.

So, no more late nights and weekends designing lesson plans!

With Love2Learn’s Engine Rooms, which will become your daily companion (and quite possibly new best friend!), there is no lesson preparation required on your part!

Our Engine Rooms are the easy to follow lesson plans which plot your daily course of action, book by book and page by page, over a period of on average, 36 weeks (180 days). This means you have a structured plan of action worked out to keep you on track all the way so that by the end of the year, you have tapped into each resource thoroughly for the child’s benefit.

Example of a
Discipline Studies Engine Room

Example of a
Content Studies Engine Room

Firstly, it serves to save you time, because it cancels the hours of prep you would normally have to do.

Secondly, it helps to rejuvenate your creative spirit, because it frees you to expand the lesson content as creatively and effectively as you see fit and in keeping with your child’s unique needs, interests and passion.

Thirdly, it serves as a plumb line guide. It is always there, so you can digress from it to explore a particular topic that has captured your child’s attention in greater depth, and then return to it in the next lesson – or even later depending on your situation.

In addition to all of the above, it serves as your record-keeper for monitoring purposes, as the year progresses.

With our Engine Rooms, we’ve planned the lessons for you – Hands-on activities, narration, written output, video and internet activities, science experiments and more!

Simply sit down and enjoy discovering together with your children!

Typical example of how Love2Learn’s subjects are supplied:
All the student books, teacher’s guides and Engine Room.

With our Engine Rooms there to
guide and support you,
you have the flexibility to work
at a pace that suits your child
and allows for your own creativity
to come to the fore!

Charlotte Mason agreed with schedules and wrote,

This idea of definite work to be finished in a given time
is valuable to the child,
not only as training him in habits of order,
but in diligence;
he learns that one time is not as good as another;
that there is no right time left
for what is not done in its own time;
and this knowledge alone does a great deal
to secure the child’s attention to his work

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