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Why Study History?

At Love2Learn Curriculum, we believe that the study of history is fundamental to education.

‘Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns appeared on the National Press Club in early 1997 to promote his latest project (the life of Thomas Jefferson).  Afterward, he took questions.  One questioner pointed out that an astronomical percentage of high-school graduates saw no purpose in studying history and asked for a response.

Ken Burns answered: “History is the study of everything that has happened until now.  Unless you plan to live entirely in the present moment, the study of history is inevitable.”

History, in other words, is not a subject.  History is the subject.

Chronological History

When you relate a story, where do you begin?  At the beginning of course.  And where do you end?
At the end!

At Love2Learn, we believe that the study of history should be undertaken in chronological order.

When it is taught unsystematically – as we experienced in our own school days – with unrelated morsels of history bytes supplied in random order, nothing makes sense!  In fact, history cannot be appreciated at all!

[History]… is the record of human experience, both personal and communal. 
It is the story of the unfolding of human achievement in every area – science, literature, art, music and politics.’

~Susan Wise-Bauer

“It is a sad reality that the majority of children leave school with virtually zero

understanding of – nor regard for – the chronological flow of history.

They were forced to learn a lot of dates, names of places and events,

in a very random fashion; but they have no real appreciation for WHEN,

in terms of a PASSAGE OF TIME, things happened.

Consequently, they miss out on the chain reactions and knock-on impact these

events had on the world. At best they are fairly confident that World War 2 happened

AFTER World War 1; but beyond that they cannot confidently pinpoint much else!”

~ Marc Ries

Love2Learn’s Approach To History

Love2Learn approaches the study of history with a very specific agenda… wait for it… We walk children through history, CHRONOLOGICALLY! …SHOCK! HORROR!

WHAT! Do you mean to say that you cover history in the sequence in which it actually happened?
Frankly, yes!
Why would you want to cover it any other way?

History belongs to our Content Studies; and is covered in the different levels, as follows.

The bottom line is simply this:

Children ought to know

WHEN history took place,

and they should develop a

keen appreciation of


unfolding of history.

Level 00 History

Level 0 History

Level 1 History

Level 2 History

Level 3 History

Level 4 History

Level 5 History

Level 6 History

Level 7 History

Level 8 History

Level 9 History

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