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Ordering Procedure

Note: For IGCSE and AS-Level (Grades 10 - 12) Orders,
Please Visit Our Separate Division:
Imperial International College - Online Education for High School

For Love2Learn Curriculum Grades 00 - Grade 9 Orders, Please First Read Through and Familiarise Yourself With ALL 7 Steps Below, Before Proceeding to the English and/or Afrikaans Online Order Form and Price List

This is how the order process works:

Step 1:

Once you’ve read through these easy steps, click on the "X", below.

Step 2:

On the Online Order Form and Price List, all the Curriculum Levels are listed sequentially in the left hand margin.
Scroll down through the Curriculum levels and add individual subjects to your Shopping Trolley from our selection of Grade 1, 2, 3 etc. DISCIPLINE STUDIES (Mathematics, English etc.), then scroll down further and make your selection of either a CORE PACKAGE 3 – 5 Years, 4 – 6 Years etc. or individual CORE STUDIES subjects from Core 1, 2, 3 etc. Studies (Bible and Character, History, Geography etc.) based on the needs of your family. (For guidance in regard to DISCIPLINE STUDIES, CORE PACKAGES and CORE STUDIES, refer "How it Works”)
At any time you can click on “View Shopping Trolley” to determine a Cost Estimate for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: Love2Learn is MODULAR; consequently you are NOT required to order the full range of subjects we offer in our DISCIPLINE STUDIES and CORE STUDIES (only our CORE PACKAGES are indivisible); you are welcome to order as little as one subject at a time!

Step 3:

Once you are satisfied with your selection of subjects and you have double-checked against the Ordering Checklist (on the “View Shopping Trolley” screen), kindly select your “Place of Delivery” from the drop-down box at the top of the screen. Please note: once you’ve done this, your Order Total will then include an indicative cost for “Fulfillment”, which includes costs for administration, packaging, delivery via courier to your selected “Place of Delivery” etc.)

Please Note: Only select a City or Town name if you actually reside there. Love2Learn will quote you for delivery based on the City or Town that you select. However, if you reside on a farm, small-holding etc. outside of that City or Town, any additional costs incurred for dedicated delivery to your place of residence (should this be needed) will be for your account. Please be aware that deliveries of this nature attract a significant premium from Courier companies; and we therefore recommend that you rather nominate an address in the nearest City or Town to which we can deliver. You can then in turn arrange to collect from there at your convenience. If you are in any way uncertain as to how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact Love2Learn's offices; and we will endeavour to advise you with pleasure!

If you cannot find a "Place of Delivery" suitable to your needs, then select "Other". Kindly note that if you select "Other", then Love2Learn will only be in a position to quote you for delivery costs, once your order is complete and ready for dispatch. Please note that deliveries to areas not listed attract a significant premium.

International clients please note:
Love2Learn will only be able to quote you officially for courier delivery once your order is complete, as we will then be able to accurately determine the number, size and weight of the boxes that make up your order.

Step 4:

Click “Next” and complete the "Family Contact Information" screen; read and acknowledge our Terms and Conditions and then click "Submit Order". A copy of your order will be simultaneously e-mailed to you immediately for your records.

Please note: The submission of an order online, is in no way binding on you!

Step 5:

On receipt of your online order, Love2Learn will compile a Proforma Invoice (Quotation) which will be e-mailed to you within a maximum of 72 hours, for your consideration, together with a “Reference Number” and “link” to Virtual Card Services (VCS), our secure, online payment portal.

Please note that the pricing on our Online Order Form is indicative only; and there may be a slight variation in the Proforma Invoice pricing as a result of the constant fluctuation in the Rand – Dollar Exchange Rate.

The Proforma Invoice that we send you will reflect the most current pricing and will be valid for a period of 5 days.

Step 6:

Should you wish to accept this Proforma Invoice, you can then click on the “link” in the covering e-mail that accompanies your Proforma Invoice and make your payment.
Our secure online payment portal offers the following payment options:

Credit Card payments (MasterCard or Visa)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments
Direct Deposit

Your order becomes official and binding only once we receive your payment.

Step 7:

Kindly forward your confirmation of payment either via email to info@love2learn.co.za, or via fax to 086 511 8407 (South Africa only).
(Payments in CASH must include 1.5 % of the value of the deposit to cover bank charges.)
Please note: Your order will only be processed once payment in full has been received.

Once your payment has been received by the Love2Learn office, you will receive an e-mail, acknowledging receipt of your payment and advising you that processing of your order has commenced.
If you are placing an order for the first time with Love2Learn, you will also simultaneously receive our electronically supplied, complimentary Love2Learn Bridging Programme.
This means you can effectively begin homeschooling immediately!

Click here for more information about our Bridging Programme.

In addition, you will receive a "List of Subjects and their Resources" report, which will list ALL of the Subjects that you've ordered, as well as ALL of the individual Resources that make up those subjects.
This will give you the opportunity to CHECK the resources listed and ensure that none of the titles listed are duplicates of books/resources that you may already own.
(Love2Learn does not publish its book-list; and this checking opportunity is our way of assisting our families so that they are not lumbered with duplicate resources).

If you require any CHANGES to Subjects or Resources/Software, you must notify us by return e-mail within 2 working days of this email to avoid any handling fees. We will then make the necessary changes and pass the required credits immediately; NO HANDLING FEE will apply. This credit will not be refunded; instead it will be retained by Love2Learn and you are most welcome to use it to offset future orders and/or delivery fees.

Note: If, for any reason, you CANCEL your ENTIRE order within the 2 working days, you will be required to pay a CANCELLATION FEE of 15% to cover administration costs.

PLEASE NOTE that should you NOT alert us to the fact that your subjects are incorrect or that there are duplicate titles and/or incompatible Software within the 2 working day deadline and you subsequently wish to change your subjects or credit a resource, you can still do so up until your order is dispatched, but a nominal handling fee of 10% will apply. (No refunds will be done; the credit will be left on your account and can be used to offset future orders and delivery fees.) Note: If, for any reason, you CANCEL your ENTIRE order at this stage (after the 2 working day deadline and up until the time your order is dispatched) you will be required to pay a CANCELLATION FEE of 25% (10% handling fee and 15% administrative costs).

IMPORTANT: NO RETURNS OR CREDITS can be done AFTER your order has been dispatched.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that Love2Learn imports from numerous suppliers worldwide; your order will take approximately eight weeks to fulfill. Love2Learn will notify you when it is complete and ready for dispatch.