Love2Learn is delighted to offer to its clients,

the world-class PR1ME Mathematics syllabus

which now includes Gr00 and Gr0, through to Gr6


So, why is this such good news? Here are 5 great reasons!


1. It’s proven to be the world’s best practice!

PR1ME Mathematics is a world-class programme based on the effective teaching and learning practices of Singapore, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong – all three of whom are consistent top performers in international studies.

2. Your child will develop deep conceptual understanding!

PR1ME Mathematics follows the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. That sounds complicated, but it’s great actually! What it means is that your child will learn to make connections between physical materials, visual representations and mathematical symbols. And what’s so great about that? It helps your child develop deep conceptual understanding, which is one of the secrets to Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong’s incredible success in Mathematics.

3. Your child will learn to think critically and develop problem solving skills!

You probably already know that Love2Learn is completely crazy about children learning to think critically. Well, our new PR1ME Mathematics offering consciously develops problem-solving skills and addresses both the process and the method of solving problems. Your child will learn to use different strategies and solve problems effectively and confidently. Again, this is another secret of the success of the leading nations in mathematics instruction.

4. Your child will learn to control their thinking processes!

PR1ME Mathematics encourages the development of metacognition and mathematical thinking. This is fantastic too because it teaches your child to think about their thinking! Thinking mathematically will become a conscious habit and your child will learn to monitor their thought process and communicate their thought processes and mathematical thinking.

5. Your child will love the full-colour, easy to use books; and you will love the added “surprises”!

Not only are the books beautifully laid out in full-colour and easy to use, but there are ample opportunities for extra practice. PR1ME Mathematics has a few other welcome surprises in store: Maths Manipulatives – relating directly to the course – are available for each year. Detailed Teacher’s Guides tell you exactly what to do every lesson. There are regular tests and opportunities to check if your child has grasped and understood the concept just taught. So Assessment forms a routine part of the ongoing lesson.