Computing Dictionary (Grades 4-9)


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  • Download for Grade 4-9 COMPUTING DICTIONARY - Activity & Answer Booklet for Oxford Illustrated Computing Dictionary 9780192772459- GR49 CD AAB 0821


Contains 1 book (Oxford Illustrated Computing Dictionary). This easy-to-use illustrated dictionary is ideal for use alongside Love2Learn’s Computing curriculum from Grades 4 through 9, to look up unfamiliar terms and to build their confidence in using the vocabulary of computing. Also suitable as a key reference tool, at school or home, for any other computer-based curriculum. The dictionary includes over 1000 words and meanings to help young learners understand key computing terms and concepts, essential for working with text and data, image editing, logic, programming, and communication technology. It includes words from England’s National Curriculum topics of algorithms, logical reasoning, computational thinking, data representation, computer networks, and digital devices. From the basic program, file, online, browser, URL to the more technical toolbar, sprite, variable, Boolean, JavaScript, CMYK, sequence and simulation, this book supports parents and teachers as well as children with the key vocabulary needed to learn about computing and work with computers in the classroom and in their everyday lives. A fully illustrated supplement provides extended information and builds vocabulary on topics ranging from computer components, hardware and software to computer games, how the Internet works, and coding terminology in block coding and Scratch going on to Python. Downloadable activities and answer guide provided.

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