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Perception and Foundational Concepts. Contains 5 resources (3 Interactive Resources + 2 workbooks). To be used in conjunction with Grade 0 Skills Readiness (1 workbook) – available to order separately. Through working with these interactive resources and workbooks it will promote understanding- and help to develop skills- in: Planning & concentration, Reasoning & 3-Dimensional Concepts, Fine Motor Skills & Eye-Hand Co-ordination, Language, Analysis & Synthesis, Visual Discrimination, Form Consistency, Position, Space & Direction, One-to-one Correspondence, Copying & Tracing, Pre-Reading Skills, Mathematical Vocabulary, Perception of Space and Direction, Visual Perception (Differences & Similarities, Sorting and Grouping, Foreground – Background etc.), Visual Motor Integration and strengthen the pincer fingers for cutting, painting, and handwriting. Extra WORKBOOKS can be ordered separately if you have SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students.

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