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By the time today’s elementary students reach adulthood, 75% of new career opportunities will likely be in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Getting kids excited about STEM at an early age is also an important element in developing real-world problem solvers and innovators.

STEM education is more important than ever to prepare children for life… These full-color workbooks engage young children in fun, meaningful, hands-on projects that develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The activities and challenges are designed to be fun for children.

128 full-colour pages. Instructions and answer keys included.

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Contains 1 Workbook – for science, technology, engineering, maths. Extra WORKBOOKS can be ordered separately if you have SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students. This STEM course introduces scientific concepts in the earth, life and physical sciences. Helps development in areas such as visual discrimination, fine motor skills, comparisons, letter formations and sequencing. When studying physical science concepts, preschool kids will learn about shapes, sizes, magnets, floating and sinking. The life science lessons in the workbook focus on things like animals, plants and growth. And the earth science area of the booklet discusses rocks, weather and air.

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