Grade 1-3 Poetry (New From June 2020 Onwards)


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Contains 2 resources – 1 Engine Room (lesson plans) + 1 poetry book (Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems) that spans 3 Grades (1, 2 and 3). Discover the beauty of English verse – its music (rhyme and rhythm) and its effect (content and personal response). Poetry should be part of a young person’s intellectual development from an early age and this course is the ideal stepping stone from nursery rhymes into the wonderful world of poetry. The coursebook is full colour and features some of the best work from over sixty favourite poets, with a unique mixture of funny, unusual, exciting, traditional and contemporary poems. Lessons cover 3 years of work (Grades 1 to 3), to develop your child’s appreciation and enjoyment of poetry. Note: From June 2020, the poetry component of English is available separately, because this subject spans several grades (Grade 4, 5 and 6). You are also encouraged to purchase Creative Writing (order separately) to enjoy both sides of the coin – other writers’ work and your child’s own.

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