Grade 3 English


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NEW JUNE 2020 CURRICULUM! Contains 10 resources (Engine Room + 3 Teacher’s Guides + 5 workbooks + Spelling Word Cards) that cover Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Composition and Comprehension for English (First Language). Extra WORKBOOKS are available to order separately for SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students. NOTE: You will NEED a primary school dictionary to complete this subject (this is available to purchase separately). We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND the purchase of the following complementary English subjects (to complete the course): Grade 1-3 Poetry and Grade 3 Creative Writing. This course is aligned with England’s National Curriculum for English. Skills-based approach to develop high level of competence in each skill. Includes differentiated activities according to your child’s ability (i.e. activities for learners who not grasped the concept; activities for learners who are working at the expected standard; activities to extend learners who have mastered the concept without difficulty).

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