Grade 4 Creative Writing (Grammar & Writing Skills)


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  • Grade 4 Creative Writing - Answer Booklet - GR4 CW AB 1020


Contains 2 resources (Engine Room + 1 workbook). Extra WORKBOOKS are available to order separately for SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students. This course is an ideal supplementary course alongside our popular English subjects. It is carefully designed for BOTH first and second language learners, providing valuable consolidation for first language students and an opportunity for second language learners to extend their skills. Course Overview: Introduce your learners to creative writing and writing for a purpose. They’ll write a haiku about the moon and a recipe for panna cotta, helping build their extended writing skills as they progress through the units. Each unit focuses on a different text type such as dialogue, recounts, reports or instructions. Model texts in each chapter show learners good examples of each writing type and specific activities are included to help them practise their grammar. Planning tools and an extended writing task develop learners’ essential skills including editing, checking, planning and creative thinking.

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