Grade 7 English


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  • Grade 7 English - Answer Booklet - GR7 ENG AB 0121


Updated in 2021 with Second Edition Books & new Grammar Book! Contains 5 resources (Engine Room + 1 Teacher’s Guide + 1 Student Textbook + 2 workbooks) that cover the UPDATED Cambridge Checkpoint and Secondary 1 Curriculum for English First Language Stage 7, in preparation for international-GCSE English. The Collins books have been updated to SECOND Editions, published in 2021. Note: For those clients who require the original editions (2015-2016) of the Collins workbooks and textbooks, please order the following subjects. GRADE 7 ENGLISH WORKBOOKS (Old – with 2016 Collins workbook); GRADE 7 ENGLISH TEXTBOOK (Old – 2015 Edition)

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