*grade 7 Maths (Updated 2021)



Contains 4 resources (1 Textbook + 1 Workbook + 1 Teacher’s Guide + Engine Room). Additional Student TEXTBOOKS and WORKBOOKS can be ordered separately for SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL STUDENTS if they are NOT able to share. This course is aligned with the UK National Curriculum 2020 requirements. It is the FIRST year of a three-year course
(Cambridge Lower Secondary Stages 7-9) in preparation for writing International GCSE and AS-Level exams (Gr10-12). This course is influenced by a mastery approach, with topics being thoroughly embedded before your child moves on. New concepts are presented through worked examples, which lead your child, step-by-step, through the concepts, with clear and detailed explanations. Links are made between topics, encouraging your child to build on relevant fluency from previously learnt topics, and practise mathematical concepts in a different context. Your child will build 21st-century skills such as mental maths strategies, pattern spotting and problem solving, enabling him to talk about mathematics with confidence. With challenge questions integrated throughout, your child can deepen his understanding. Your child is encouraged to reflect on his learning, in order to build learner independence.

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