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A structured and easy-to-teach course. Recommended for students of computing or computer science from Grade 8 upwards, as the second year of a comprehensive 3-year lower secondary programme for pre-IGCSE students. Equips students to use creative computational thinking, programing skills and digital literacy skills, preparing them for IGCSE and the digital world beyond. If you have NOT previously done any Computing (or Computers or Computer Science) we strongly recommend you complete the subject “Grade 7-9 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING” prior to commencing Grade 8 Computing.

PLEASE NOTE: The Student Book and Teacher Guide are SECOND Editions.

Extra Student TEXTBOOKS can be ordered separately if you have SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students who are not able to share.

Choosing a Grade level for Computing – Guide

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OPTION 1: If you have NOT previously ordered Grade 7 Computing. i.e. you do NOT already have the Teacher Guide (which is used for Grades 7-9; Second Edition)., OPTION 2: If you have previously ordered Grade 7 Computing i.e. you have already ordered the Teacher Guide (used for Grades 7-9; Second Edition).

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