Contains 5 resources (Engine Room + 1 Teacher’s Guide + 1 Student Textbook + 2 workbooks) that cover the Cambridge Checkpoint and Secondary 1 Curriculum for English First Language Stage 9, in preparation for international-GCSE English. Extra WORKBOOKS are available to order separately for SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students. Additional Student TEXTBOOKS can be ordered separately for SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL STUDENTS if they are NOT able to share. NOTE: You will also NEED a high-school thesaurus to complete this subject (this is available to purchase separately). We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND the purchase of the following complementary English subject/s (optional): Grade 7-9 English Vocabulary Builder; Grade 4-9 English Charts; Grade 7-9 Literary Terms Charts; English Handbook & Study Guide. Skills covered in Grades 7-9 include Writing (to explore and reflect, inform and explain, argue and persuade, and analyse and compare, as well as descriptive and narrative writing), Grammar Practice for different writing tasks, and Literary Analysis. In this course, detailed DIFFERENTIATED activities are provided for learners with different levels of ability and different learning styles, to ensure that all students are stimulated towards reaching their potential. Extra grammar work is also included.

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