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    OPTION 1 - if you have NOT done Grade 0 Critical Thinking (i.e. you do NOT have the book called Can You Find Me, which you also need for Grade 1). Contains 3 resources (1 Book + 1 Workbook + Engine Room).

    Extra WORKBOOKS can be ordered separately if you have SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students.

    This course provides a variety of fun and creative activities which will challenge your child to use higher-order thinking skills based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

    Children are naturally inquisitive from infancy, yet creative and problem-solving skills need to be nurtured as children grow. Like reading and math skills, critical thinking skills require practice. Use this course to foster your child's critical thinking skills and see confidence soar!

    The course includes mind-building riddles to introduce your young child to critical thinking and organized analysis. To solve the riddles, your child will practice: Identifying Similarities and Differences; Forming/Following Sequences and Patterns; Classifying Objects and Groups; Identifying/Interpreting Analogies; Logic. Each riddle requires identification of two or more clues to deduce the answer. Your child either points to a picture or verbalises the answer. Activities may be enhanced by teaching additional information about the animals, objects, shapes, letters, and numbers used in the riddles.