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    This course extends children's mastery of the three forms of handwriting done in the previous year. It explores the use of a variety of traditional calligraphy and modern presentational tasks to make appropriate choices of presentation, to prepare writing for publication. Contents of this course include: copy writing; development of a personal style; speed writing practice; uses to which handwriting may be put; links into ICT and fonts. (The relationship between hand-crafted and computer-aided design is extended.) In addition to developing a personal handwriting style to write legibly, fluently and with increasing speed, your child will learn to choose the writing implement that is best suited for the task.

    Contains 2 books (1 teacher's guide with CD + 1 workbook). There is no engine room (set of lesson plans) with this course, as the teacher's guide is more than sufficient. Please allow for 4 lessons a week, of 15 minutes each, until you have completed all 47 lessons.

    Extra WORKBOOKS can be ordered separately if you have SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students.