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    Expose your child to a superb selection of fun and engaging, age-appropriate literature that spans a vast range of topics and themes, some of which dovetails the Level 4 History. Contains 13 resources (12 books + Literature Appreciation workbook) and a free downloadable answer booklet (with a worked example of how to answer the worksheets in your Literature Appreciation Workbook).

    If you ONLY want to order Literature at this Level (i.e. no other subjects), then you do NOT have to order the Educator Support Pack (ESP). Note: You will NOT receive the literature lesson plans (or any of the Level 4 general templates and reports that are automatically provided with the ESP).

    If, however, you order Literature together with other subjects at this Level, the ESP will automatically be added to your order and you will receive the printed lesson plans as part of the Engine Room for this Level as well as all the standard templates and reports for this level.

    Extra WORKBOOKS can be ordered separately if you have SIBLINGS or ADDITIONAL students.