LEVEL 7 SCIENCE (NEW Cambridge Curriculum)


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    This NEW Science course consists of 3 books (1 Learner's Book, 1 Workbook, 1 Teacher's Resource) and FREE downloads with answers to the Student book and Workbook as well as the list of materials required for learner activities and experiments. All 3 print books come with FREE digital access (1-year for Learner's Book and Workbook; 7-years for Teacher's Resource). The Digital version of the Learner's Book is available to order separately, if required (this may be appropriate for a sibling who will re-use the same Learner's book at a future date, or if you need to renew digital access because you need more than a year to finish the book).

    Note: Extra Workbooks and Extra Textbooks are available to order separately for additional students.

    This Cambridge Lower Secondary course, covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth & Space, is packed with opportunities to plan experiments, make predictions and gather results. Each unit ends with a project, to help bring together what you have learnt and show how the topics relate to the real world. These books are used in Cambridge schools worldwide.

    Latest update: June 2022