WRITE AHEAD - A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning (Grade 9-10)


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    Contains 1 book (Write Ahead - A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for students in Grades 9-10, including those students who plan on writing international GCSE exams. A downloadable teacher's guide is provided with the purchase of this book!

    This full-colour, engaging Handbook will help you become a better writer and student now and for the years to come. Whether English is your first or second language, this book will meet all your writing and learning needs. Students learn specific strategies for each stage of the writing process, from prewriting to publishing. They also learn to write dozens of different forms, from personal narratives to argument essays. This book is a complete writing handbook covering everything from writing paragraphs and essays, to writing research papers, from taking notes to taking essay tests, from writing with style to writing across the curriculum. No matter what type of information or help you need - guidelines, samples, rules, or friendly advice - you'll find it in this handbook. Write Ahead is also a multipurpose reference book with full-color maps, useful tables and charts, computer and Internet terms, sign language, and a historical time line.

    There are 5 sections:
    (1) The Process of Writing: Will help you develop your basic writing skills - including using the writing process and writing effective paragraphs and essays.
    (2) The Forms of Writing: Provides guidelines and samples for the types of writing you will be assigned - including book reviews, summaries, research reports, test-taking, and business letters.
    (3) The Tools of Learning: Contains guidelines and strategies that will help you improve your reading, test-taking, and study skills.
    (4) The Proofreader's Guide: Covers the rules for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and grammar. This section is your complete guide to editing and proofreading skills.
    (5) The Student Almanac: includes helpful tables, glossaries, maps, and charts to use in all your classes - from science to maths to geography and history.