Client Testimonials

Following are just some of the comments and feedback we’ve received from
satisfied homeschooling families and Cottage Schools since 2006

We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that Jessica
has graduated her MscBA magna cum laude.
She will be joining KPMG International strategy team in Brussels in September.
Love2Learn set a rock solid foundation for an enquiring mind and an ability to succeed.
David and I are eternally grateful for your support and guidance and friendship
throughout our daughters education.
So grateful to our gracious Father. Much love,

Nola-ann and David (Belgium)

“…(our son) is absolutely thriving on Love2Learn… The discipline and yet freedom this curriculum brings is so suited to (us)… the lessons are set out in such a way that he is managing well and so keen to keep moving forward. Thank you Love2Learn team for such an amazing foundation – I just wish that every parent could homeschool the Love2Learn way!”

Des (S.W. Cape, SA)

 “The curriculum is amazing, the children both enjoyed learning and exploring, the books were such fun for all of us, I have learned so much with the kids it truly has been a wonderful year.  Thank you for always being responsive to our friends who have contacted you, it’s been so wonderful to see other families making this life change for their children.”

Pauline (Johannesburg, SA)

 “I want to point out that we truly benefitted from your program as it allowed individualized learning.”

Isabel (Cottage School – Zimbabwe)

The Educational Psychologist from Windhoek, R… B…, took a look at my books and the content thereof last year when she visited Tsumeb for Cognitive  Assessments, and she was very impressed. She also refers parents looking to home school, to Love2Learn or me  for further info.

Mandy (Tsumeb, Namibia)

“We are truly loving your Love2Learn Curriculum and are often in touch with families who are starting to home school in our area… and feel very confident in promoting your educational style of learning. It has transformed our family and the way we learn and we feel extremely blessed.”

Tarryn (Harare, Zimbabwe)

 “My daughter wrote her AS exams last year (1st exams she ever wrote in her life) and she got 4 A’s out of 5 subjects. I have to thank Love2Learn for being a HUGE component of her success because you helped to set her on her path when she was in high school. You guys are such blessings.”

Shelagh (KZN, SA)

 “I was so impressed with the material that arrived on Monday that I decided to order more straight away! The books are beautiful and I think that my son is going to enjoy them very much…Thanks for the excellent service!”

Cathrine (Cape Town, South Africa)

 “Last year we started our daughter off on her first year homeschooling with your curriculum. Without a doubt we know we made the right decision using the curriculum you provide.”

Matthew (Cape Town, South Africa)

“We all had an absolute ball opening the boxes, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the maths manipulatives and the stunning books…. [My child] even commented this morning, “Wow, these books are just so alive” – it amazed me as I haven’t once mentioned the term living books in front of them, but she “felt” it almost instantly!”

Stacey (Gauteng, South Africa)

 “(My daughter) received her IGCSE results… She took 7 subjects, 5 of them using Love2Learn. We are delighted with her marks. For the subjects she did through Love2Learn, she got 3x A’s & 2x A*.”

Jenny (Lusaka, Zambia)

 “I am so proud of this choice which we have made. I share this excitement with other homeschool mums, who are actually excited to experience Love2Learn. “

Janay (Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa)

“We have been enjoying the books so much already! Your curriculum is wonderfully inspiring and we are getting stuck into it!”

Tacita (Paarl, South Africa)

 “It’s too wonderful to watch my children learning and making progress.  My boys are excited to learn and are doing well. My youngest son is half way through grade 1 and has finished his reading for his grade for the year already.”

Glenda (E. Cape, SA)

We ended the schoolyear on Friday last week, official😊 And my middle one (about to start grade 2 next year) wants to know this morning how long this “holiday” is going to last, she wants to do school!!
So I  suppose we are going to start “school” before Christmas haha. […]thanx for all your help and SUPERIOR service all the time!

Anneen (Karas, Namibia)

I would just like to thank you for the great and interesting curriculum you have set together.  It is our first year of home schooling and my 12 and 10 year old girls love the interesting and colourful books for each subject. Me as a part time working mom love the engine rooms [daily lesson plans] as well because it gives me structure for each day. The curriculum for each age appropriate child also gives peace of mind that they have the correct study material.

Elna (Gauteng, SA)

Things are very much abuzz with the new books!!! I’ve placed some in the cupboard (but the boys know that they are there) so that they don’t try to read all the readers at once! We are only on Tuesday and they’ve each read 3-4 books already! Thank you again, Marc, for your ministry and your excellent team. Everything would be soooo much more difficult without Love2learn!

Marie (NWP, Zambia)

“I can say that at the age my kids are I have seen what an amazing difference the living books have made in their lives and how my daughter has started loving reading because of these books. Thank you all at the L2L team, our first year is almost over and I’ve seen such a huge change in my children and thanks to L2L it made homeschooling so much easier than I ever imagined it would be.”

Ansia (Johannesburg, SA)

 “It is now 4 years… and my trust in Love2Learn’s guidance and curriculum has grown.  I cross paths with a lot of homeschooling moms from other countries and when they discuss their curriculums and what they are doing I am so blessed by the peace and contentment I feel about the curriculum I have chosen. I have seen my very active, social son become an independent learner who wants to work things out on his own, who has finally learnt the art of paying attention, and who has become very comfortable narrating back both orally and written.”

Shirley (Sumatra, Indonesia)

 “I love using your books in my home school group. I would recommend it to any one!”

Michelle (Zimbabwe)

“I just have to say thank you, for putting together a brilliant curriculum.  I love using it and found my feet after only 3 weeks at it… I find it so do-able. God is good and His grace is enough.”

Elouie (Gauteng, SA)

 “My application was only 3 weeks in, after which Sally came out to check up on everything. She has been doing this for 20 odd years and according to her, she has never seen such a comprehensive curriculum. They normally only give you 1 year exemption, but in my case, she gave me 2 years. She was so impressed with what I had to show her.”

Lindie (Adelaide, S. Australia)

[My son] and I are loving the Grade 2  Love2Learn course. The material is really excellent, well presented and beautiful, and I love the Maths manipulatives, being a Maths teacher! [My son] loves the Science experiments especially.

Michele (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Our time in Zambia comes to an end this week. We are excited to be returning to South Africa. As a family we would like to thank you for helping us over what has been a difficult time for our family ito schooling. The absolutely wonderful resources that you have provided have excited, stimulated, challenged and fostered a love of learning in our boys. We know that this will continue when we return to South Africa.

Marie (Zambia)

 “We have been using (Curriculum X from America) for a number of years … and I really was not sure how Love2Learn would compare. I think that you do have a world class product… thank you for a well thought out, well prepared, easy to use curriculum in which you can see and feel the hand of God at work.”

Bron (W. Cape, SA)

“Although I had removed my 9 year old last year from the international school on site, I tried patiently to help my 7 year old adjust to the school for the year, but decided to remove him also. There was something about the tone of the school and the way the children would play and interact with each other. Only after reading your book did I realise what the real issue was! There was little to no respect for the Lord and that each child is a unique person created by our Lord and thus each child, whether they are intelligent, athletic or have learning problems, deserves love and respect and to be treated with dignity as a creation of the Lord. We are Christians and have a regular family Bible study together. Your book has helped me to see that the most important thing to teach my children is love for our Lord and the Word! All other learning will come from that base! Seeing home-schooling in this new light has totally changed my focus. The boys are doing brilliantly (in my view). My 7-yr old is still adjusting but it is working well. My children have a spring in their step again. They tell their Dad about what we read about Jesus that morning and how they learned from it. Then they will go on to show their Dad how they have done ‘their best work’ that day or something new that they learnt (often from picking up a book and reading it themselves- they can’t leave these books alone!!). I am so glad that you listened to the Lord’s calling re bringing school to the home and how to do it and that the MAIN focus of our lives, including within schooling, is our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Marie (Zambia)