The Unique Value We Bring To Education

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1. Tailor To Your Child’s Subject Needs And Interests

– We offer a modular subject selection

2. Teach In Your Child’s Learning Language

 We cater for Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learning styles

3. Children Own Their Learning Process

– They become independent learners

4. Eliminate Stressful Examination Overload

– Narration: An innovative assessment tool

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1. A Daily Companion And NEW Best Friend

– Engine Room (lesson plans) with every subject

2. Teach Multiple Grades At Once

– A major plus for Cottage Schools and
families with more than one child!

3. Easy And Effective Assessment

– Narration supports ongoing assessment

4. Cost Saving Through Amortisation

– Subject and resource sharing

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1. Give Children A Broad, Rich And Varied Education

– A Charlotte Mason philosophy

2. Expose Children To “Living” Books

– A Charlotte Mason philosophy

3. Develop in Children A Life-Long Love Of Learning

– A Charlotte Mason philosophy

4. Create Thinking Adults With A Strong Moral Base And

–  A Classical Education philosophy

5. Equip Children With 21st Century Skills

– We have been doing this for years!

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We would love to partner with you as you embark on your educational journey;
so you can rise with confidence to meet this challenge!

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